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You remind me so much of her.
~ Francisco comparing Emma to her mother in Van Pelt Reunion

Francisco Alonso
Full Name

Francisco Alonso


Francisky Winky (by Ursula) Frankie (by Evil Emma)



Resides In

Miami, Florida


Math Teacher (Formerly)
Principal (Currently)




Emma Alonso (Daughter)


Maria Alonso (Former Wife; Her Death)
Ursula Van Pelt (Admirer/Possible Girlfriend/Ex–Fiancé)


Daniel Miller (Enemy)
Jax Novoa (Good Friend)
Maddie Van Pelt (Ex–About To Be Daughter)
Diego Rueda (Friend)

Eye Color


Hair Color



1, 2, 3, 4.

First Seen


Last Seen

A Girl's Sacrifice

Portrayed By

René Lavan

Francisco Alonso is Emma Alonso's Father. He was also the principal at Iridium High in Season 2, 3 & 4. In Season 1, he was a new math teacher at Iridium High. His wife was Maria Alonso, until her death.

Physical Appearance

Francisco has brown hair and brown eyes.


He also claims that everything that was happening to Emma in Discovery had a logical explanation. He likes Math. Francisco can be very strict at times and dislikes Daniel Miller.


Emma Alonso


He lives with his daughter Emma in Miami. They enjoy eating pizza with weird topping. Since his wife died it's been just the two of them. He doesn't know about Emma's powers or that she's the chosen one. It is unknown if he knew that his wife was a witch. During season one he was the math teacher at iridium high, since season two he has been the principal. In the season three episode, the truth about kanays, he grounded Emma because she missed her big brains interview because she turned herself invisible. In the season four episode van pelt reunion he is confroned by Emma about her mom and how they never talk about her, after she leaves he becomes worried and when she comes home instead of yelling at her he shows her a photo ablum and the two hug.

Ursula Van Pelt

Possible love interest

Ursula started liking Francisco in Discovery. He doesn't reciprocate her feelings, though. Then, in A Girl's Sacrifice, Ursula kisses Francisco, and he kisses her back in A Girl's Sacrifice.

Jax Novoa

Francisco seems to like Jax more than Daniel in Season 2 and doesn't understand why Emma still likes Daniel. He kinda treats Jax as if he was his own son.

Daniel Miller



Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4




  • He worked as a Math teacher in Iridium High in Season 1.
  • He became the principal in Season 2.
  • He dislikes Daniel.
  • He likes Jax.
  • Until The Truth About Kanays he was never given a reason to ground Emma.

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