The Fool Moon is the witches' full moon and occurs every 20 years which lasts 28 days.  Witches and wizards react to the fool moon differently; some experience personality disorders, powers grow stronger or disappear. Emma's mother, Maria, helped Desdemona through a fool moon 20 years ago.  Desdemona became evil during the fool moon in The Fool MoonEmma's powers increased so whenever she thought of something or someone they just appeared without casting a spell. The Fool Moon blocked the filter between her thoughts and her spells. During the last light of the Fool Moon, a witch or wizard could destroy the Magic Realm and rule the human world. The Chosen One, is meant to protect the last light of The Fool Moon so no witch, wizard or kanay can be the most powerful living being and destroy the Magic Realm. When the Magic Realm opens, it sucks all magical beings in and it will only close when one goes in the Magic Realm. Then it will close and everything will go back to normal. In Emma vs. Emma, Evil Emma lost the battle and got kicked in the Magic Realm.


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