He has five days to remember his life before, or the world will shift again.

“Ever in the Everglades”
Season 4, Episode 3
Air Date

July 8, 2015

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Catharina Ledeboer


Clayton Boen

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Road Trippin'


Stuck in a Storm

Ever in the Everglades is the 3rd episode of Season 4, and of Every Witch Way.


Emma finally locates Daniel and tries to get him to remember their life together.



  • Emma and the others find Daniel and reunite his mother and brothers.
  • The group learns of Daniel's alternate life.
  • The T3 aren't interested in pranks in their alternate lives and instead they set traps to rescue animals who are injured or sick, so that their family can take care of them.
  • Diego discovers a Kanay related object.
  • Gigi, Sophie and Katie become separated from the rest of the group.
  • Katie ends up getting caught in one of the T3's traps.
  • Daniel realizes a storm is approaching.
  • Jax starts to become jealous.
  • Emma tries to get Daniel and his family to remember their real lives.
  • Andi believes that Emma might still have feelings for Daniel.
  • Lily, Jax and Andi finally seem to believe Emma about Daniel and the Continumm Break.
  • Lily is warned by the Council to not let Emma reveal too much of Daniel's real life, otherwise there will be shift in the universe.
  • Jax becomes annoyed with Emma and tells her that he is going to leave and return home with or without her.
  • Gigi may have found a spark of wifi for her phone to work.
  • Andi's skills come in handy when fixing the RV and driving the airboat.
  • Sophie spotted a lizard she knew possibly being Beau.


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Diego: Ugh! This should be easy! I've fix stuff for Maddie all the time.
Katie: You're comparing fixing an internal combustion engine to gluing a heel on Maddie's shoe?
Diego (defensive): I fix other things too! Just yesterday I fixed Ms. Van Pelt's earring thingy.
Sophie: And you cleaned all her jewelry.
Diego (hearing the growling sound again): Guys, where's Maddie? Stay close by please!
Maddie (from her seat in the sun): I'm here!
Katie (to Maddie): Could you just, you know? (references casting a spell)
Diego: Katie!
Katie: She's not even around!
Gigi (on cue): Who's not around?
Sophie (covering): Katie! (putting her hand over her face) KATIE, WHERE ARE YOU?
Jax: Your ex-boyfriend is afraid of butterflies. That is really impressive.
Emma: He's not afraid, he allergic.
Jax: Okay. (walks away laughing)
Daniel: This is gonna be a pretty tight squeeze.
Andi: Why don't we just take two boats?
Daniel: Who's gonna drive the other boat? (Andi crack her knuckles, implying herself) I don't know. Are you even a good driver? Is it safe?
Andi: Uh, safer than tipping over with all those crams in there. And I have been a Class D boat pilot licensed by the state of Florida since I could stand upright, so.
Daniel: Well, alright. (Andi rejoices) You stay behind me, go slowly, and don't do anything stupid.
Andi (scoffing): 'Not do anything stupid' is my middle name.
Sophie: I thought your Middle name was "Futura Doctora"
Andi (making a face): It is.