Every Witch Way S03E05
General Information
Nickname Emmiego


Intimacy Level Friends
Friendship Started The Big Rescue – Present
Friendship Status Friends

Emmiego was the friendship pairing of main characters Emma Alonso and Diego Rueda. Very little is known about their friendship, as they don't interact much, but they remain friends.

They are portrayed by Paola Andino and Tyler Alvarez.


  • They are both associated with magic.
  • They both attended Iridium High.
  • They both worked at The Seven. (Beachside 7)
  • They both had brown hair.
  • They both had brown eyes.
  • They both have connections through friends; like Andi Cruz.
  • They both are dating someone.


  • Emma is a witch; Diego is a Kanay.
  • Emma is female and Diego is male.
  • Diego swims while Emma doesn't participate in any sports.