I'm so sorry Andi, for all the hurtful things I did, and said. And what you did today, you really are a guardian to me; I owe you so much.

General Information
Nickname Emandi
Intimacy Level Besties
Friendship Started Discovery - BF-Never

I'll Stop the World - What If?
A Girl's Sacrifice - present

Friendship Status Best Friends
Emmandi spying
Emmandi (Emma/Andi) was the friendship pairing of Emma Alonso and Andi Cruz which first developed in Discovery; the first episode ever of Every Witch Way. They first meet when Emma is moving into the neighborhood, Andi walks by and introduces herself, and Andi offers to help them move in and Emma accepted.
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Emma and Andi (Emmandi; Besties)

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Emandi :)

When Emma arrives at Iridium High, Emma walks to her locker and Andi does the same, only for the girls to find out their lockers are next to each other. Andi tells Emma to stay away from The Panthers and Emma looks confused and asks why. 

Later on, after school, Emma invites Andi to her house where they have a sleepover. Emma asks Andi what should they and Andi offers boxing which makes Emma feel uncomfortable so Andi says it's her house and she should plan what they do.

Emma gives Andi a makeover and tells her that Maddie and Mrs. Van Pelt came to her house and Emma unknowingly casts a spell "--And they left in a rush, hey where did I leave the brush?" which causes the Brush to teleport in her hand. Emma and Andi are terrified and they hug each other. A few minutes later, Emma unknowingly casts another spell which makes a bunch of balloon hearts fall out her closet, Andi suggests that Emma is a witch.

They are one of the closest pairings in Every Witch Way as shown due to them interacting, at least once every episode except one, Kanay vs. Kanay.

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Emmandi Moments

Season 1


Emma Andy 1
  • Andi is the first person Emma meets.
  • Andi helps Emma carry her boxes.
  • Andi comments on Emma's "toolbox".
  • Emma calls her sweet.
  • Emma tells Andi she thought a book she held in her hand glowed.
  • Andi asks Emma why she's hiding, and she says she saw a really cute guy and got butterflies but them actual butterflies appear.
  • Andi told Emma his name was Daniel.
  • She helps Emma bring boxes into the house, and then says she'll see her at school tomorrow since she has a swim meet to go to.
  • Andi gives Emma advice on how to survive at Iridium High and tells her about Miss Information.
  • Andi warns Emma about Maddie and The Panthers.
  • They have their first sleepover together.
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  • Andi lets Emma choose the sleepover ideas, but regrets it after Emma gives her a facial, a manicure, and curls her hair.
  • They freak out after Emma's brush magically appears in her hand.
  • Emma tells Andi not to panic and to think about good things.
  • Emma cast another spell by listing all the things that make her happy, which happened to rhyme.
  • Andi is the first one to tell Emma about her suspicion of being a witch.

The Big Rescue

  • Andi tries to help Emma channel her powers, but Emma refuses to believe she's a witch.
  • Andi assures her it's a good thing, and with her powers and her wicked brains, they can rule the school.
  • They went into the bathroom, and Andi suggests that maybe Emma needs a wand.
  • After Emma ridicules her for reminding Andi how terrified she was last night, Andi told her there was a zit on her nose, and Emma fell for it.
  • Andi asks Daniel if he's seen Emma when he went inside the school to rescue her.
  • Emma fins Andi scrapbooking while she went to get drinks.
  • Emma tells her about her encounter with Maddie.
  • Andi is upset after finding out from Emma that Maddie is also a witch.
  • Andi helps Emma practice her witch powers.
  • Emma turns Andi into a goat.

The Big Chill

  • Emma apologized for turning her into a goat, but Andi wanted Emma to turn her into another animal.
  • Emma thinks she should tell her dad, and Andi jokes asking if he's gonna call the witch doctor.
  • Andi thinks they should keep Emma's powers a secret.
  • When Daniel asked what happened to her homework, Andi tells him a goat ate it, and Emma gives her a look.
  • Andi offers to support Emma in keeping her witch powers.
  • They are seen at Emma's house. Emma is scrapbooking and Andi is doing woodwork.
  • Andi is trying to understand what Maddie did to Emma (Maddie said she was going to freeze Emma out, and she froze like a popsicle)
  • Andi tries to cast a spell to see if she's a witch.
  • Emma attends Andi's swim meet.

I'm a Witch

  • They are seen at the Seven with the Sharks and the Panthers after the race.
  • Andi decides to help Emma help Daniel by dancing with Diego.
  • Andi suggests revenge on Maddie by turning her into a goat.
  • Emma thinks she should stay away from magic altogether, saying it caused so many problems already, which makes Andi upset.
  • Emma tells her the pen is mightier than the sword, which means magic isn't as powerful as words.
  • Emma says she doesn't want to be unstoppable, just normal. Andi says she just can't get rid of them, but Emma says she could at the eclipse, and Andi reminds her that Maddie is going to try to steal them, which they can't let happen.
  • Andi agrees to help Emma find the Hexoren.
  • They are seen looking in her room for it, and Andi asks if the dinner with Daniel is a date. Emma blushes and says she doesn't know since it's with his family.
  • Andi helps Emma prepare for her date.
  • The book flies off the shelf and opens in front of them.
  • Emma begins to cast a spell and a strong wind blows and asks if it will do that every time. Andi says she hopes so because it gives her hair that wind-blown look.
  • Andi supports Emma before her date.
  • Andi plays her into using the glamour spell, and it goes wrong.

Magic Fight Club

  • They are video chatting from their houses.
  • Andi suggested casting another spell to reverse the one already on her.
  • Emma refuses, not wanting to make it worse.
  • She tells Andi she's going old school, brillo pads, and scissors.
  • Andi wishes her good luck.
  • She goes to Tony's magic show to support him and Andi, his assistant.
  • She sens Andi to the pool, helping Tony's trick.
  • When Andi comes back, soaking wet, she seems a bit upset with Emma.
  • Emma is in the back, urging Andi to come out in her assistant's costume.
  • Andi says she's going to be teased, but Emma says she's going out there since she was dressed as Nicki Minaj for two days.
  • Emma promises Tony she will be out soon.

Monkey Business

  • Emma tells Andi she looks fine in her magician's assistant costume.
  • Andi allows her to make one joke about it.
  • Emma pushes her outside to help Tony with his magic show.
  • Andi thinks its funny when Tony sees Emma use magic and think she's a magician like him.
  • Andi tells Emma her popularity went down because of it.
  • Emma laughs at Andi when Tony pours the eggs on her head.
  • Andi helps Emma distracts Daniel when he comes over unexpectedly and the Hex is floating everywhere.
  • Emma asks Andi if she's ok when she falls off of The Hexoren.
  • Andi and Emma go to Lily when she asks them for help, and see her turn into a monkey.

Monkey Business II

  • Emma and Andi try to figure out who did this to Lily and how to change her back.
  • Andi tells Emma to stall Daniel while she tries to capture Lily, but she escapes.
  • Emma freaks out when she finds out Lily escaped.
  • They both realize they need the Hexoren to reverse the spell.
  • They both get caught in the hallways during class by her dad.  
  • Afterschool, they read the Hex and try to change Lily back, but fail.
  • Emma went to find Andi, only to see the Pathers took Lily before she ran off again.
  • They find Lily in her office and chase her to the cafeteria.
  • Andi tells Emma to try to change Lily back again.


  • Andi stalls Emma's dad while she changed Lily back.
  • They tell Lily that it was Emma who changed her back and broke Maddie's spell.
  • Andi seems suspicious when Emma tells her Maddie's mom paid her to babysit Daniel's younger siblings.
  • Emma was telling Andi how rude and mean he was to her the other night, not knowing Maddie cast a spell on him.
  • Andi said that doesn't sound like Daniel and that he's one of the nicest guys ever.
  • She said if he wasn't so athletic and good-looking, he'd be given atomic wedgies all the time.
  • They are then seen talking to Lily, who can't remember the person who is after Emma.
  • Andi sarcastically says, "So much for being a guradian." to which Emma tells her to lay off Lily.
  • They have another sleepover.
  • They realized the Hexoren is gone, and that Maddie took it.

I Said, Upside Down

  • Emma and Andi are still searching for the Hexoran.
    I said upside down

    Emma and Andi in the previously upside down classroom.

  • When they can't find it, they think Maddie has to be the culprit.
  • The next morning they plan to get to get the Hexoren back.
  • Andi tells Emma that she isn't excited about Mr. Alonso's "blackened pancakes."
  • Andi asks Emma what if she and Maddie became stepsisters, and Emma day dreams about it.
  • Andi asks her why sunflower seeds, and Emma says because it's one of those annoying things Maddie will eat and make her clean up.
  • Emma said that they need Nurse Lily's help getting the Hex back.
  • Andi was anxious for her and Emma to get to her house, due to Maddie being more powerful.
  • Andi tells Emma to use her powers to turn the classroom back to normal.
  • Emma says she doesn't want to make it worse.
  • Andi doesn't want Emma to tell Tony about her powers.
  • Andi is mad when Tony finds out.
  • Andi repeated everything Emma was saying to Lily, saying she was being her hype man.

I-Guana Dance With You

  • Emma warns Lily not to show Andi her guardian's kit or she might not see it again, hinting that Andi may take it.
  • They are seen listening to Diego.
  • When Emma snaps out of her daydream when she hears Daniel being mentioned, Andi asks if she could be any more "obvious."
  • They both looked confused and shocked after Diego's nose has an icicle hanging from it after Andi and Tony hit him with a notebook.
  • She says she will go to Tommy's party, saying her other options are watching her dad burn a meatloaf then order pizza, or play Zombie Invasion Armageddon Smorgasbord with Andi.
  • After Emma tells Andi she erased Tony's memory, she asked if he remembers anything from yesterday.
  • Emma says she wouldn't say that, because erasing someone's memory could be tricky.
  • Andi said she should have also wiped out his obsession of magic (Magican type).
  • Emma jokes and says like wiping Andi's obsession with zombies, werewolves and vampires?
  • Andi says if you wipe those away she could become a Panther, which Emma says is scary.
  • Andi asks her what's the plan for stealing the Hexoren back, since they need it before the eclipse.
  • Emma says they should just enjoy the party today, thinking there isn't much Maddie can do in one night.
  • Andi calls Emma and Daniel geeks after she asks Emma cheesily if she wants to dance with him (you-guana dance with me).

I-Guana You Back

  • Andi urges Emma to stop looking at her phone, saying it won't make Daniel text her any sooner.
  • Emma tells her she's worried since he hasn't replied to her texts, and Andi says to just go to his house.
  • Emma says she can't especially after "The Great Iguana Escape" (iguanas creep her out)
  • Andi says there's no way he's ignoring her for that, and if he is ignoring her, it's for something else, like not giving her pegasus wings when she asked for them.
  • Emma sarcastically asks that Daniel's mad at her for not giving Andi wings, and she says yes because the Sharks are tight.
  • Emma says it has to be about the iguana and insisted she only left the door open for a minute, and Andi tells her that's the thing about iguanas: they're cold-blooded double-chinned speed demons.
  • They are seen at school, and after hearing Emma's phone ring, Andi said to please tell her it's Daniel, but Emma says it's a Miss Information Alert.
  • They are both shocked to see it said Maddie and Daniel got back together.
  • Emma nudges Andi to say she will join the search party for Tommy's iguana.
  • They are then seen at Daniel's house, planning the search party, and Andi is giving directions.
  • Andi teams Emma up with Daniel, which makes them smile at each other, and tells them to grab a  walkie-talkie and move out.
  • They are seen at Emma's house for another sleepover.
  • Emma tells Andi that when he held Daniel's hand, she got butterflies.
  • Andi asks if it's the kind he's allergic to, and Emma says the good, "inside the tummy" kind.
  • Andi jokes and says she thinks she bad the bad, "wanna barf up what's in my tummy" kind, which Emma doesn't find funny.
  • Andi suggests a spell when Emma wishes she found the iguana.
  • Emma says she would, but she's afraid it will end up in the pool.
  • Andi said they need to retrace their steps, so they recapped everything that happened at the party.
  • They then realized it was Daniel and Emma that left the door open. Andi seemed happy the solved it but Emma seemed even more upset.
  • They are both seen at Daniel's house, joining another search party for Tommy's iguana.
  • Emma, along with Daniel, Mac, and Diego, are seen holding Andi back from attacking Tony.

I Heart Beau

  • They are seen in Emma's living room, trying to figure out how the iguana with a bed and blanket got in her house.
  • Andi asks if her father was home, and she said no, he was at a Big Brains Meeting.
  • Emma says, of course, it wasn't him, but Andi says his motive could have been the fact that her dad hates Daniel "as much of a fiery passion as a pack of angry villagers, chasing a poor, misunderstood vampire."
  • Andi then realizes the dog bed belonged to Sophie's dog, Maria Conchita.
  • Emma tells Andi that Maddie and her minions stole the iguana and planted it in her house to frame her.
  • When Emma says she's mad, Andi encourages her by saying "get your angry on."
  • When Emma's angry results in pink drapes and flowers in vases, Andi tells her to stop.
  • Andi says if that's what her angry looks like, then they're in trouble.
  • Lily said if they don't get the Hexoren back, they may not be friends for much longer, meaning something bad may happen to Emma.
  • They are seen at their lockers, and Emma is telling Andi how Tony stood up for her.
  • Andi says the only thing she saw Tony stand up to was a squirrel sitting on his bike.
  • Andi tells her to make sure no one sees her casting a spell.
  • Emma is shocked at Andi's change of heart, and Andi says that's because she realized how much trouble she's in.
  • Emma says Andi sounds like Lily, and Andi says she has a point, considering she could lose her powers.
  • Emma asks if that would really be that bad, since she could be a regular girl, worrying about boys and clothes, and not missing iguanas and monkey nurses.
  • Andi asks is she even wants her powers, and Emma retorts by saying she never said that, she's just not sure that she'll be able to keep them.
  • Andi says maybe not but she has to at least fight for them, and is mad that Emma isn't trying.
  • Andi tells Emma she has this amazing gift, an unreal power, and these witches counting on you.
  • Emma yells that she didn't ask for any of that, but Andi says sometimes she has to stand up and take charge, and own who you are.
  • Andi says it's like she doesn't care, closes her locker, and leaves, with Emma standing there, shocked at what just happened.
  • Later on in the day, Emma tries to talk to Andi, but to no avail.


  • Emma is surprised to see Andi with the Panthers.
  • Emma asked what she's doing, and Maddie says she's a Panther now.
  • Emma pulls Andi aside and asked if Maddie did this and that it has to be a spell.
  • Andi insists it's not, but Emma says that she can undo it.
  • Andi tells her Emma doesn't have the Hexoren and she's barely practiced, and when the eclipse comes, Maddie's going to "jack" all her powers, and Emma says that's why she needs her help in getting the Hexoren.
  • Andi says that they aren't friends anymore and walks away with Katie and Sophie.
  • Emma is seen at home looking over spells, and asked Andi which one first, but realizes that she isn't there.
  • Tony asked if they should go after Andi, but Emma says she still might be mad at her, and she doesn't want to make it worse, but then agrees she has to save Andi, and the Hexoren, which Tony is shocked to find out that Maddie has.
  • Tony tells Emma he has a plan to save Andi and the Hex from Maddie's house.
  • Emma saves a comic for Andi that Maddie took from her.
  • Andi finds Emma rummaging around Maddie's room.
  • Emma pleads to Andi that this isn't her, and Andi again says that it is, the "real" her.
  • Andi mocks Emma and asks if she's going to cast a spell, and that's what Emma does.
  • Emma saves Andi from Maddie's spell.
  • Andi is happy to know that Emma came and saved her after Maddie turned her into a Panther.
  • Emma and Andi both end their fight and become friends again.
  • Andi tries to help Emma escape from Maddie's room through her window, and creates a distraction so that Emma could make an attempt to escape.

Walk Like a Panther

  • Emma stops by Andi's house to see if she's back to her old self.
  • Andi tricks her into thinking she's still a Panther, but tells Emma she was kidding.
  • They hug and Andi thanks her for "de-Pantherizing" her, but said she's still supposed to be mad at Emma for not taking the magic stuff seriously.
  • When Emma asks why, she admits that she's her best friend, and doesn't want to see her lose her powers and possibly disintegrate.
  • Emma says that's the nicest thing she ever said to her, and Andi replies by saying that's why she barely does it.
  • Emma helps Andi dress as a Panther to try and obtain The Hexoren, and Andi is upset Emma talked her into it.
  • Emma says she said to take this magic stuff more seriously, and Andi retorts saying that's not what she meant.
  • Emma assures her she looks fine and tries not to tease and laugh at Andi's outfit.
  • Andi asks Emma what Tony is doing here.
  • Andi tells Emma and Tony not to worry about getting the Hexoren back, and that she has it covered.
  • Andi asks Emma to speak with her in her room, and to bring the jar of crickets with her, which makes Emma gag.
  • She asks is that Maddie's French cousin, and Andi says yes and no, depending on what she means by french and cousin.
  • Emma tells Andi don't try to confuse her by repeating and questioning what she said, and Andi tells her that Beau is really a lizard. Andi jokes and said Maddie is cold-blooded and slithery so they may be related.
  • Emma asks why he's here and Andi proudly states she kidnapped him and is trading him in for the Hex.
  • Emma asks Andi if she's sure Beau is a lizard, and she said she heard Maddie and Katie talking.
  • Andi reassures Emma that it will work, but Emma is still a little uneasy, as she thinks it's not right to trade a thing for a person.

Beach Ball

  • The next day, Emma tells Andi what happened and that the Hex flew away.
  • Andi reminds her that at least the Panthers and the Principal don't know where it is.
  • They look weirded out when Mr. Alonso asks if they're ready about Beach Ball and does a dance.
  • Andi misses beach ball for Emma, and does research with Lily on The Principal.

Lily Frog

  • Emma is seen waiting for Andi when she asks to meet up, wearing a hat and sunglasses.
  • Emma asks her what's going on, and she tells her she looks like Maddie's evil-er twin, which she replied, "Gross!"
  • Emma asks why she didn't answer her calls, and Andi said her phone could be tapped.
  • And says she's not so sure they should be in school today because she and Lily found out the Principal is a crazy bad witch and so dangerous Lily went to the Council for help.
  • Emma laughs at Andi's now frog-like hands.
  • Emma is surprised to hear that Andi got away with the help of the Hex.
  • After Emma fixes Andi's hands, she says she misses them, and Emma reminds her she said they're not very practical.
  • She quotes a saying: "Everyone misses their webbed hands once they're gone." in Spanish. Emma tells her she speaks Spanish and it's not a saying, but Andi says it should be.
  • They walk to class together.
  • Andi says she's not sure they should be in school, but Emma states that Lily said that is anything goes wrong, they should pretend like nothing is wrong, and when Andi asks about the Hex Emma says to keep it near them at all times, at least until after the eclipse.
  • They are interrupted by Daniel.
  • When Emma freaks out, thinking Daniel knows about the Eclipse, Andi tells her he's just talking about the actual event.
  • Emma nudges Andi when she calls Daniel a geek and wonders why he's popular.

Witch's Flu

  • Andi comes to check up on Emma when she hears that she's sick.
  • Andi seems surprised at all the things Emma casted in her room from sneezing.
  • Andi tells her the Principal is also a Chosen One, wants to steal her powers, and will do anything to get them.
  • She also told Emma that Lily is a frog.
  • Emma asks Andi to look through the Hex for a cure for her cold.
  • Emma is suspicious and asks if Andi lost the Hex, and she quickly says no, stating she put in a super secret hiding place, under Lily's desk.
  • Emma seems mad, but understands that Andi was escaping the Principal.
  • Andi promises to get it back.
  • They are seen sitting at lunch the next day with Tony.
  • Andi agrees that Emma should take the unibrow off, saying it was funny for a while, but now it's just sad.
  • Tony suggests to them to leave it and add a large nose and make his forehead huge, finding it funny.
  • They do not seem amused at Tony's suggestion.
  • Emma tells Andi and Tony that she can manage a tiny spell, and that she feels a lot better.

Hexoren Squared

  • Emma asks Andi to explain what Lily said. And tells her she is the Chosen One, but so is the Principal, and they have to 'share powers' until one of you claims them during the eclipse.
  • Andi tells her that the Chosen One has a star-shaped birthmark, but Emma says she doesn't have any, and suggets it may be underneath the hair on her head.
  • Emma says they'll have to shave her head to find it, which makes Andi smirk, and lead Emma to tell her not to even think about it.
  • Andi gives her the Hex, and points out that if the Council sent Lily to protect her, she proably is the Chosen One.
  • Andi tells Emma that Maddie and Ursula are here, and think that she went poof! and laughs.
  • Emma says she has to tell them she's okay, but Andi says they're both here, and their house is empty, so she thinks they should look in Maddie's trunk for her weakness.
  • They are at Maddie's house, and Emma asks what's taking Andi so long to pick the lock. She insists she almost has it.
  • They run in after seeing Daniel walk by, but he follows them.
  • They search Maddie's trunk for a weakness.
  • They feel bad for Maddie once they realize it's just a picture of her father, who probably passed away.
  • They get caught in Maddie's room by Daniel.

Which Witch is Which?

  • Andi accompanies Emma on finding Maddie's weakness and getting the Hexoren back.
  • Daniel stalls Maddie and helps them escape.
  • They go back to Emma's house and are surprised and startled to see Ursula there and so shocked that Emma is okay and still alive.
  • Andi asks how Emma can paint her nails, and she says it relaxes her. She asks if Andi has something that relaxes her, and she said her chainsaw, but Emma refused to let her bring it over after she sawed the chair in half.
  • They find the star-shaped birthmark, which confirms that Emma indeed is the Chosen One.
  • They get stopped and threatened by the Principal at school, and realize they need help.

The Chosen One

  • Emma tells her and the rest of the Sharks they did an amazing job.
  • Andi asks if she can turn the frogs back into teacher & students, and Emma says yes, and that she'll use a variation of the monkey spell.
  • When Daniel questions the mokey spell, they both respond, "long story."
  • She waits with Emma for Daniel to pick her up.
  • She asks what's taking so long, and Emma says she's called and his parents said he was getting ready, but isn't there so they assumed he left.
  • Emma worries he stood her up, but Andi assures her she wouldn't, as Andi would deal with him if he did, and he'll be there any minute.
  • They both get a call from Daniel's phone and see that the Principal kidnapped Daniel.
  • Emma shrieks and asks what do they do, and Andi says she doesn't know, since she sincerely thought they destroyed her.
  • Emma says she's going to rescue Daniel alone, and she can't put anyone at risk, especially Andi, which Andi says is really sweet.
  • Andi says it's not the time for sweet, but Emma tells her to warn Maddie and Diego that the Principal is alive.
  • Andi rounds up Tony, Mac, and the Panthers to go and save Emma, Diego, and Daniel.
  • Andi helps Emma get rid of The Principal.
  • They dance along to Daniel's song at the dance.
  • Sometime in the future, they are seen walking to class.
  • They get stopped by Hex, who Emma tells to go back home.
  • Andi asks is he's her pet book now, and she says she guesses, and asks isn't it cool.
  • Andi tells her it's not as cool as a crocodile or a tanzamanian devil, but it's okay.
  • Andi gets nautious seeing Emma and Daniel stare at each other from afar, and leaves, telling Daniel not to be late for practice. She actually stays a bit longer, but after hearing their mushy conversation, she actually leaves for class this time.

Season 2

Jax of Hearts 

  • They are seen walking to school together
  • Andi tells Emma about how she went shark cage diving last summer.
  • Emma tells her about going to Graceland with her dad.
  • They meet Daniel in front of the school and walk in together.
  • When they hug, Emma reminds him the she's still here.
  • Later, Andi asks how the tour with the new kid went.
  • Emma asks how she knew about it, and said it was on Miss Information's blog.
  • Andi says Emma better hope Daniel doesn't see this, but Emma says he trusts her.
  • Andi reminds Emma that she didn't tell him about her powers returning.
  • Emma said he was so happy and she didn't want to change that, and it spiraled out of control.
  • Andi gives her an idea on how to tell Daniel, and it's basically them living out her fantasy, but assures Emma will stop and get her first.
  • Andi says she can make it up to her by conving her new "canoodling buddy" to give them a ride on his dirt bike, which causes Emma to walk away.

Runaway Witch

  • Andi tries to warn Emma about the "super strange witches" she saw coming out the Council entrance, but realizes they are already at her house.
  • Emma introduces her to the Witches Council.
  • They seem offended when they asked why Emma didn't erase her memory after the Principal's takedown.
  • Emma fought back, saying why would she, since the takedown wouldn't have succeeded without her friends.
  • They stumble on what to say when Daniel comes over and asks what they're doing
  • Before Andi leaves, she tells Emma to call her as soon as he leaves, since they still need to talk about "you know who"
  • Emma promises to call, and Andi leaves her house.
  • They go to Nurse Lily's office only to find the Witches Council there, telling Lily Emma almost drowned us.
  • Andi was sent to the janitor's closet, since they did not want her there while they confronted Emma.
  • They are then seen talking at lunch about the Witches Council, and Andi asked what kind of name is Agamemnon.
  • Andi tells her they are now calling him Uncle Pete.
  • Emma says "Uncle Pete" can't make her break up with Daniel.
  • Andi assures her it won't be that bad, and says her dad will be happy.
  • Andi says she thought they weren't giving Emma a choice, and Emma says they're not, and says she's going to talk to them before they go back.
  • Andi says that Emma could just used her "super bad powers" to turn them into slugs, and eat them as escargot. (even though escargo is snails)
  • They seem worried when they see Agamemnon.
  • They try to cover it up by saying he's her Uncle, but Jax knows who Agamemnon is.
  • When they see Daniel, they tell Agamemnon to play along, since he doesn't know her powers are back.
  • They are seen in Lily's office, watching her pack as she leaves for Council training.
  • Emma scold Andi when she says people leaving shouldn't be telling people staying what to do.
  • Andi walk away when Emma asks what if Daniel finds out about her powers being back.
  • Andi cuts Emma off after she starts talking about Daniel being cute when he's happy, and asks Lily if she's reall leaving her with this.
  • Lily tells them it's time for her to go, since her alarm sounded.
  • Lily tells Andi to watch out for Emma, and that she needs her.
  • They watch her leave into the Magic Realm.

Love Pie Redux

  • They are seen at Emma's house.
  • Emma asks Andi if Maddie know her powers are back, and Andi asks why would she.
  • Emma says that her came back, so why wouldnt't Maddie's, and Andi thinks they should call Lily and ask her what to do, but Emma says she just wants to use the magic mobile phone.
  • Emma thinks they should leave her alone and let her train.
  • Andi asks if she thought about breaking up with Daniel, and Emma again refuses, saying her mom was a witch and her dad is a teacher.
  • Andi tells her not to make that face, and that "math is not a superpower."
  • Andi reminds her her mom gave up her powers but she can't, since she's the Chosen One.
  • Emma says she doesn't care what the Council says or does.
  • They scream when they hear a knock on the window, but relax when they see it's Daniel.
  • Andi tells him he's interrupting girl time, and says she likes it now that Emma let her bring her engine propeller over.
  • Andi leaves to let Daniel and her talk in private.

Powers by Proxy

The Fool Moon

  • The next day at school, they are seen walking to their lockers together, with Andi telling Emma about Jax sticking her to the ground, and the T3 getting her out, and planting a homing device on her, but not before reading her a poem and performing a song for her, which Emma thought it was sweet.
  • Andi is upset that Emma didn't tell her Jax was a wizard, but Emma said she was distracted with the almost-sisters thing.
  • Andi tells Emma Jax took the spell-o-vision goggles, and that she sent Robbie and Tommy to go get them.
  • Emma let Andi see the bridesmaid dress Maddie's mother picked out.
  • Andi says it's weird to see them working together. Emma says it's only so they don't become sisters.
  • They seem shocked and angry when they realize jax switched his locker with Andi's.
  • Emma confronts him about stealing the goggles from Andi, and demands he give them back.
  • She chases after Andi when she tries to use her chainsaw on Jax in school.
  • Andi figures out there is a spell on the piw and tells Emma that's why her dad is in love with Ursula.
  • They venture to reverse the spell on her dad, but first Emm reverses the spell on the T3.
  • They make t to the Seven, where they spot Mr. Alonso and Mrs. Van Pelt feeding each other, and ascrunch up their faces.
  • They are happy that it worked.
  • They tell Maddie they broke the spell by making Emma's dad drink a gallon of arugula tea, and eat steamed arugula while chanting "Ursula equals arugula."
  • They seemed creeped out when they find out the new gym teacher is Desdemona.
  • Emma asks Andi if she's jealous of Desdemona and Hex's new bond.

Daniel Who?

  • They walk up and see Daniel dressed weirdly and talking in a German accent.
  • They looked slightly horrified and slightly creeped out.
  • Emma agrees with Andi when she says it will get suspicious when he can't recognize anyone.
  • They along with Jax, take turns watching Daniel, and get into a fight in the middle of the hallway.
  • They along with Jax find Daniel in the cafeteria with Diego, and get him out of sight.
  • They are later seen in Nurse Lily's office.
  • Emma tells Andi it's no use while looking thought the Hex with a memory-wiping reversal spell.
  • They looked equally surprised when they realize the magic mobile phone transports Lily there.
  • Andi begins to agree with Lily about considering leaving Daniel the way he is now.

No Can Do

  • Andi comes over to walk with Emma to school.
  • Emma says her dad will give them a ride, but Andi informs her that he left.
  • Emma casts spells to get ready for school absentmindedly.
  • She tells Emma she lost the filter between her thoughts and her spells.
  • Andi says it's gonna be an awesome day and Emma just says they should go to school.
  • Emma tells her she feels free, like she can say, do, or cast any spell she wants.
  • Andi tells her to spread the love, but Emma firmly says she's not getting wings, which Andi says is okay, since she and her dad are rebuilding a propeller plane. Emma tells Andi she has the weirdest hobbies.
  • Andi tells her she actually wants a shark in her pool.
  • Emma says it's like she thinks of something then bam!, a spell is cast.
  • Andi tells Jax she doesn't need Emma to fight her battles.
  • Andi asks is Emma's okay after Sophie pushes her, and is excited when she casts a spell on Sophie.
  • They run away, so they aren't suspected by the Panthers.
  • Emma tells Andi she can't believe she did that, and Andi agrees, saying getting revenger on enemies is her job.
  • Emma doesn't think calling Lily is a good idea.
  • Andi tells Emma she made the nurse's officer her office.
  • Emma tells her she knows exactly who to talk to about this.
  • Later, Andi comes over after Emma texted her, and Emma tells her she accidently turn the T3 into hamsters and lost them.
  • Andi helps her look for them. When she doubts she can turn them back, Andi assures her she can do it.
  • Andi tells her that was close when they make it back to her house.
  • Andi admits she kind of is Emma's sidekick.
  • Andi stood by her when Emma plead her case about Emma to the Council.
  • Andi told Agamemon that whatever he does to Emma, he'll have to do to her too.

Werewolves in Siberia

  • They are sent to Siberia by the Council after Emma refuses to break up with Daniel yet again.
  • Emma is terrified while Andi is excited, and lists all the things they could do there.
  • Emma transports them back to Miami, with them landing in the Iridium High School pool.
  • Later in school, they are walking together, and she tells Andi Agamemnon is lucky her powers are under control, otherwise he'd be lettuce right now, which makes Andi look at her funny.
  • Emma tells her she's still working of her wild and tough thing.
  • Andi asked if he told her what spells he casted on her. Emma said no, and believes he only said that to try and scare her, and it's too bad it didn't work, and they messed with the wrong Chosen One.
  • Andi tells her to copy her. They both act "pumped up" in front of Jax.
  • They both realize Agamemnon did in fact cast spells on her
  • Emma vows to never go in public until she finds out what the other spells are that are casted on her.
  • Andi assures her they can figure out the other spells.
  • Andi tells Emmathe Council casted spells on her to act crazy around Daniel so she won't want to be around him. Emma tells her it's not going to work, but Andi asks if she's shure about that, showing Emma the video of her dancing.
  • They are seen at Daniel's house, trying to find the reversal spell.
  • When Daniel comes over, she tells them he can't see these magic books.
  • Emma tells her she just can't ignore Daniel, especially when she rebelled against the Council to be with him.
  • When Jax mocks her and he and Andi laugh, she gives them a look and says it's not funny and tells her and Jax to hide.
  • Emma tells them to slow down, as they are eating everything in her fridge.
  • Andi tells her they need to fuel up because they're Sharks.
  • Andi tells Emma not to push it after she suggest they all hang out.
  • Andi scolds Emma for scolding Hex after he bit Jax.
  • They are later seen having dinner with Emma's dad.
  • They are upset and horrified to find out that they have to sleepover at Maddie's.

The No-Sleep Sleepover

  • At first, they both refuse to spend a night at Maddie's.
  • Mr. Alonso begs them, for the sake of the school.
  • Emma says she'll meet her outside Maddie's.
  • Andi and Emma both arrive at Maddie's house together.
  • Andi helps Emma by denying that she has her powers.
  • Andi and Emma are on the same team when they play the guess the object game, aka, charades.
  • They are losing to Maddie and Sophie, but only because they are cheating.
  • They confront them about cheating.
  • Emma warns Andi about Maddie giving her a "make over".
  • Andi asks Emma to make their makeup kits disappear, but she says she can't.
  • Emma screams when she sees Andi's makeover.
  • They are seen talking and eating pizza together.

Outta Hand

  • Emma asks her if the toast is done, because they're going to be late for school.
  • Emma casts a spell to make t go faster.
  • Andi asks her how she did it, and she says she mouthed the words, saying sometimes she doesn't even need words.
  • Andi asks her if it's similar to when she's in a magic fight, and begs her to do more.
  • When Daniel comes over unexpectedly, Andi covers for her by saying she exploded the milk carton.
  • Emma invites Andi to the beach which her and Jax.
  • Andi declines, saying she has an oral presentation in French class.

Double Trouble

  • Andi comes into Emma's room looking for a wrench she left.
  • She then goes down stairs to tell Emma she saw Jax in her room, but is confused when she sees him sitting with Mr. Alonso.
  • Emma promises she will explain to hereverything later.
  • Andi scowls at the Alonso's choice of pizza
  • Emma tells Andi that Jax has a clone.
  • Andi sees this as an opportunity to rat on Jax, but Emma says not to since he's their friend.
  • She denies this, and says he's a sneaky, weasely wizard with a lame dirtbike. Emma reminds her that she was drooling over it a couple of days ago.

The Emma Squad

  • As soon as Emma comes back hom from her date with Daniel, Andi comes barging in, asking her how could she kiss Jax.
  • Emma insists she didn't, and showed a picture of the T3 dumping jell-o on Daniel for their anniversary as proof.
  • Andi swore it looked her, at least from the back.
  • Emma reminded Andi that her mom told her she needs to start wearing glasses.
  • When Andi found out about the clones, she didn't seem all too impressed or happy.
  • Andi asked Emma why she didn't tell her.
  • Emma thought she would be mad, but Andi reminded that she is a sci-fi fanatic, and was upset she left her with the Hippie one.
  • Emma said she actually left her with the Nerdy one who made the Hippie one.
  • Andi was still upset that Emma left her with a clone, but said she needed to get the reversal spell from Jax, who once again refused to give it to her.
  • They are worried when they found out the Bad Emma promised to babysit the T3 tonight, and the Hippie Emma volunteered to go.
  • They look in the Hex for a spell to get rid of the clones.
  • They look horrified when Daniel shows up out of the blue.


  • Andi comforts Emma after she gets rid of the clones and realizes Daniel broke up with her.
  • They hug.
  • The next day, Andi comes over to walk with Emma to school.
  • She asks if she's okay, and she says she will be, once she talks to Daniel and convinces him to forgive her.
  • Andi says she hasn't seen Daniel that mad since Gigantor Joshua tried to cheat in the egg toos in 2nd grade.
  • Andi scold Hex for biting Emma.
  • Emma insists she was going to tell him, but the love pie, memory-wiping, the Council sending them to Siberia, etc.
  • Emma tells her Daniel's never going to forgiveher and put a pillow over her head.
  • Andi tries to comfort her, saying his forgivenes might take a while, and a spell or two;Emma was not amused.
  • Andi reminds her that the Council won't take her powers away and she can still be the "awesomest" witch around.

The Breakup

  • Andi comes to Emma house with pizza tries to cheer Emma up after Daniel broke up with her.
  • Emma tells her to go away, because whenever she tellls herself not to think of Daniel, the person she talks to becomes Daniel.
  • Andi says she's talking crazy, but it happens, and she screams and goes under the covers.
  • Andi says she bought her favorite breakfast pizza, but Emma stays in bed.
  • Andi tells Emma she can't stay in bed forever.
  • Andi tells Emma they're going out. Emma agrees that she probably should.
  • Andi encourages her to keep living and Emma thanks her with a hug.
  • Andi pulls back, telling her needs to shower and brush her teeth.
  • They are later at the Seven, coming back from the carnival.
  • Emma says she thought Andi would be better at carnival games, but Andi insists she let her win.
  • Andi enlists Diego to help Emma feel better after the breakup by giving her a sundae bar.
  • Emma tells her that it was sweet of her.
  • When Emma tells Andi Diego mentioned you know who, Andi tries to make her laugh by dancing, which works.
  • Andi thanks Emma for helping her with the play, knowing it's not easy.
  • They look scared when Desdemona tells them the swords are real.
  • They watch Jax and Daniel "rehearse fight" for the play.

Emma Wants a Cracker

  • Andi is worried when Daniel tells her Emma accidently turned herself into a parrot.
  • Andi calls Lily for help.
  • Andi looks for Emma by the docks.
  • Andi tricks Maddie into thinking Emma changed Sophie into a parrot in order for her to change Emma back.
  • Andi gives Emma a hug and says its great to have her back after she's turned back into a human.
  • Andi suggets they go get pizza.
  • They come back to haul Jax out of Daniel's house.

About a Wizard

  • They are seen talking to Lily and Agamemnon about The Fool Moon and being careful these last few days of it.
  • Andi offers to protect her, but says she will need to pruchase samurai swords.

Beach Birthday Bash

  • Andi sits next to Emma on the beach.
  • They along with Jax talk about Gigi's strange behavior.
  • Emma distracts Andi so she can save her and Daniel from the love spell.
  • Emma asks Andi if she could get along with Jax for the time being.
  • Andi gets mad at Emma for telling Jax about Phillip.
  • Andi tells Emma how hard she worked to hack the game and how non of the guys are her type at all and can't keep up with her.
  • Jax locks them out of the room.

Zombie Boyfriend

  • Emma summons Phillip to her room when Andi tells her he's in trouble.
  • Andi tells Emma she's to nervous to pick a lock, so Emma uses a spell to open the door.
  • Andi asks if she looks okay, and Emma pushes her to go in and meet him.
  • Emma accidently send Andi into the video game.
  • Emma hugs her when she's out.
  • They along with Jax go looking for Phillip.
  • Andi tells Emma she wants to keep Phillip
  • Emma lets Andi keep Phillip around since he didn't bite anyone.
  • Andi promises to repay her.
  • They go on double dates with Jax and Phillip.
  • Emma helps Andi get ready for her date with Phillip.
  • Emma scolds Andi for saying that Daniel and Jax are dueling for her.

Andi & Philip, Sittin' in a Tree

  • Emma enourages Andi to dance with Phillip, then grabs Jax and dances with them.
  • Emma asks if Andi is worried that since he's getting attention, people may notice he isn't human.
  • Emma is upset Andi didn't tell her Phillip tried to eat her dad's brain.
  • Andi asks Emma for more money so Phillip can have more pizza.
  • Emma thinks she should send Phillip back.
  • Emma transports Phillip back into the game after he tries to bite several people, which leaves Andi devastated.


  • Andi is mad at Emma for sending Phillip back into the game.
  • Andi tries to avoid Emma at all costs.
  • She tells Emma she hopes everything works out for her, but she's not her sidekick anymore.

The Abyss

  • Andi is woried when she finds out Evil Emma sent Emma to the Abyss with Daniel.

I'll Stop the World

  • Andi goes to the Panthers for help in getting Emma and Daniel out of the Abyss and defeating Desdemona.
  • Andi helped work on a device that would get Emma and Daniel out of The Abyss.

Emma vs. Emma

  • Andi and Emma become friends again after Andi overhears Desdemona's plan to take over the Magic realm and annihilate Emma in the process.
  • Andi admits to Emma that Phillip was dangerous and that it was best to send him back.
  • They meet up at Emma's house to discuss how they're gonna stop Desdemona and her clone.
  • Emma and Daniel untie Andi from the wall.
  • Andi urges Daniel to help Emma as she struggles from being sucked into the light.
  • Emma holds Andi back when she lunges for Daniel.

Season 3

S3 besties

Beachside 7

  • They say "eww" when Diego sais the feeze frosties are cold because he breathed in them.
  • Andi says when Emma takes over, we're gonna rule the world, to which Emma questions, "WE?"
  • Andi says she means Emma will, but with her help.
  • Emma asks if Andi will help her with an order.
  • Andi then makes up an excuse that Hex is sunbathing with no leather lotion on and she has to rub it on him so he won't sunburn and leaves.
  • Emma was worried about Andi when she froze time.
  • Emma defended Andi when Maddie put lip gloss, eye shadow, and fake eyelashes on Andi's face.
  • They along with Maddie, Diego, and Daniel see a girl riding on Andi's watercraft, lose control and fall in the water.
  • They with Gigi, Maddie and Diego surround Daniel as he does CPR on her.
  • They give each other funny looks when the girl hugs Daniel for saving her.
  • Emma is telling Andi how mad the Council is at her, and Andi said they should be, since she froze and she couldn't defend herself from Maddie's "makeover"
  • Andi then says it was an accident, and the Council will understand.
  • Emma tells Andi she has to make sure she doesn't slip up again, and Andi assures her she can't do any worse than "The Great Miami Time Stoppage"
  • Emma looks horrified when Andi gives it a name
  • Andi asks if she prefers something else, like "The Freaky Frozeness Hour", "The Frozen Miami."

Rebel Emma

  • Andi defends Emma when Maddie accuses her of "blowing off work."
  • Andi wishes she went to Boot Camp with Emma after Lily tells her Emma is there.
  • Andi also defended Emma about making the tray float and freezing all of Miami.

Always You

  • Andi begs Emma to talk to the Council about letting her be a guardian, and she agrees.
  • Andi hugs her, sayng she won't regret this.
  • Andi asks Emma about Daniel's "surprise" for her.
  • She is quickly disgusted when Emma gushes about him.
  • She laughs and motions to Emma about the spell Agamemnon put on Jax.
  • She helps Emma take the quills off of Jax.
  • Emma tells Jax that Andi deserves to be a Guardian, after all she has done for the realm.
  • Andi tells Emma to lie to Jax about taking her to the Council.

Breaking All the Rules

  • They went inside to the Witches' Council.
  • Emma wants to convince them to make Andi a guardian.
  • They were kicked out of the realm.
  • Andi tells Emma that Jax is right, and they should wait until going back.
  • She and Jax try to help Emma from being sucked into the realm.
  • Andi hugs Emma when she comes back to her house.
  • Emma apologizes, saying she has a long argument about making Andi a guardian.
  • Andi says it's okay, but Emma disagrees, vowing she will try again.
  • Andi helps her look tougher.

Neverending Summer

  • They help Jax pass his final exam, but they realize it was a ruse to see if he would cheat to get his powers back.
  • They along with Jax teleport to the pool when they realize his powers, that Emma tried to send back to the room, landed in the pool.
  • Surprisingly, they both feel bad for him.

Daniel Darko

  • Andi tells Gigi to stop when she wants to interview Emma about her relationship with Daniel.
  • Andi comforts Emma, by calling Daniel a jerk.
  • They use the Spell-O-Vision gogles to see what spell Daniel's under, but realize he isn't under any spell.

No More Mr. Nice Guy

  • They along with Jax spy on Daniel and observe his behavior.
  • Andi tells Emma that Daniel told Mia about witches.

Spider No More

  • Andi tells Emma about Diego finding out about the spider seal and telling Maddie.
  • Emma is upset, thinking Maddie will tell the Council.
  • Emma tells Andi not to tell the Council, because they may not care that Daniel is possessed and send him to Limbo or the Abyss.
  • They are seen at school early with Jax, Maddie, Diego, and Sophie. The sit beside each other.
  • Emma tells them Andi has found information on Daniel's change.
  • Emma laughs and critiques Andi's artwork.
  • Andi tells Emma that Maddie is right: they should find the kanay first. However, it is revealed to be a ploy to trick Maddie into wanting to help Daniel first.
  • Emma tells Andi while in the girl's bathroom that they need to ask the Council for help about getting Daniel back to normal.
  • They ask Maddie how she did with ruling out people who might be a kanay.
  • They look confused when Sophie says they have to rule out Emma, even though she's a witch.
  • They go to the Council and tell them what's wrong with Daniel.
  • They, along with Maddie, Diego, Jax, and Sophie devide a plan to get rid of the spider seal.

Back to Back

  • Emma asks Andi where she's been, and she 'beats around the bush.'
  • They look concerned when Daniel falls to the ground.
  • Andi and Jax tell Emma the seal is still on Daniel.
  • Andi along with Jax push Emma's bed away from Maddie's to see if Diego's heat broke the cristal bond.
  • Andi, Jax, and Diego look concerned when they see it didn't work.

El Cristal de Caballero

  • They are seen in Lily's office, checking if the seal is really gone.
  • Andi agrees that Mia is responsible and say they have to go after her.
  • Andi tells Emma that Jax came becaus ehe knew she was going to be here.
  • They get into an argument about Mia with Daniel, Maddie, and Jax.

Invisible Me

  • Emma, with the help of Jax, make Andi visible again.
  • The next day, Andi tells Emma what she heard Mia say in her basement.
  • She tells Emma invisibility is third on her desired super power list, behind reading minds and talking to animals.
  • Emma shows Andi the whole Cristal de Caballero.
  • Andi tells her she should give it to them so it won't mess with Emma's powers.
  • Andi laughs when Emma turns invisible.
  • They go to Lily to deliver the cristal and see if she can help reverse Emma's invisibility.
  • Andi tells Emma she should be enjoying this.
  • Emma says she can't when she was a Council meeting and her Big Brains Interview to go to.
  • Andi panicks when Emma's dad comes over, asking where Emma is.
  • Andi tells her to talk from in the bathroom to her dad.
  • When Emma stops short, Andi asks her what's wrong, and sees she's looking at Daniel and Mia.
  • When she tries to comfort her, she realizes she's gone, and start swatting her to catch her.
  • She is then seen trapped in the bathroom pretending to be Emma and talking to herself so her father will think she's there.

Zombie Rescue Team

  • Andi shows up at Emma's house asking for the keys to the school.
  • Emma refuses, saying she's already grounded for missing her Big Brains interview.
  • Emma asks her why she needs them, and when she suspects Andi is lying, she casts a spell that makes her nose grow if she lies.
  • Andi says she can't tell Emma, which makes Emma annoyed and ask why she, Jax, Daniel, and the Council think they know what's best for her.
  • When Emma comes back from the bathroom, she finds out that Andi and the Hex are missing.
  • She enlists Jax in helping her find Andi.
  • They find her at Mia's house, and they along with Jax, Diego, Maddie, and Philip are held hostage.

Kangaroo Jax

  • Andi thought Emma took Philip out of the game, but realized that it was the Hex.
  • Andi urges Emma to cast a spell on Mia, and it worked.
  • Emma tells Andi the next day that Philip can't stay.
  • Andi asks if she can turn him human. Emma is unsure, and Andi tells her to think about it.
  • Andi and Daniel get Emma for help when Mr. Alonso sends Philip to his office.
  • They hope Ursula made her adopting Philip sound convincing.
  • Daniel pushes them, Philip, Ursula, and Mr. Alonso back into the office so they can steer clear of the kangaroo.


  • Andi tells her she loves when animals run loose in schools, and Emma gives her the look.
  • They soon realize that magic may be involved with the Kangaroo loose in school.
  • Emma tells Andi to make sure no one sees her dad until she gets back after she freezes him.

Magical Throwdown

  • They looked worried when Jax tells them the Council might be planning to overthrow Emma.
  • They tell Jax that they aren't sending him back into the game, even though he warns them of the consequences.
  • Andi leaves to get more spell books.
  • Emma assures Andi Philip will be safe at her house, since she will turn him invisible.
  • They are later seen in Emma's room, looking through spell books.
  • Emma urges her to hurry, knowing they don't have a lot of time left.
  • They get annoyed when Daniel also tries to stop them from turning Philip human.
  • Andi covers for Emma when her dad comes in and says he heard a boy's voice.
  • Andi asks what if Emma will get in trouble for doing the spell, and Emma says it's the right thing to do.
  • Emma also tells her that the Council can't tell her what to do, but corrects herself, saying they don't have power over her and she can make her own decisions.
  • They try to explain to Lily that Maddie made Beau and nobody freaked out.
  • Andi tells Emma his hand is pixelating.
  • Andi tells her the pixels are up to his elbow, and Emma tells her not to worry.
  • Emma tells her she found a spell.

The Kanay Strikes Back

  • Emma assists Andi in turning Phillip into a human.
  • Emma tells Andi they need a few things before they do the spell.
  • They find out Desdemona kidnapped the Hex and realize they have to rescue him.
  • They are seen trying the spell, no longer waiting for Jax.
  • When Jax gets there, Emma does the spell, and it works, shocking them both.

New Witch Order

Season 4

A World Without You

  • Andi calls Emma from her phone urging her to hurry to the Van Pelt's to say goodbye to Philip.
  • Emma discovers that Andi also has no memory of Daniel.
  • Emma explains to Andi what she believes happened.
  • They are surprised to see Diego as a cheerleader.
  • Emma walks with Andi to say goodbye to Philip.
  • Andi tells Emma that Philip ate his first tomato, and Emma hugs her.
  • They are seen at Emma's house the nexy day.
  • Emma explains to Andi that she froze her dad the previous day and she just got the strength to unfreeze him, but it drained her.
  • Emma asks Andi if she's okay about Philip leaving, and she insists she is.
  • Emma says she doesn't think she could do it.
  • Andi encourages to her to seek help, so they go to Maddie's house.
  • After things don't go so well with Diego and the Panthers, Andi encourages her to talk to the Council.
  • They are later seen at school and Jax walks up to them.
  • They along with Jax meet up with Maddie, Diego, and the Panthers to see if they will help her find Daniel.
  • They later go to Nurse Lily's office, who suggets it could be a continuum break.
  • Lily tells them if they go find Daniel they only have 5 days to get him to remember his old life.

Road Trippin'

  • They seem worried when Lily tells them about the other documented CB that resulted in the guy vanishing.
  • They are seen at lunch with Jax.
  • When Emma tells Jax about his and Daniel's sword fight, she asks if it was real swords. When Emma says no, she seems unimpressed.
  • Andi teases them after Emma calls him 'the most understanding boyfriend ever.'
  • Emma freaks out and tells Andi that she doesn't have a secret spot with Jax. Andi tells her that she remembers her mentioning it to her.
  • Emma confides in Andi about needing to find Daniel, and Andi comforts her.
  • They along with Jax, look at Katie weirdly at the Seven after she is excited about a break in the spacetime continuum.
  • They looked creeped out when the discover Ursula has pictures of Emma's dad.
  • They along with Jax go looking for Daniel in the 3 possible realties MI recommended to them.
  • Andi tells Emma she should consider leaving Daniel to live his life, but Emma refuses.
  • They both convince Lily to be their chaperone for the trip to the Everglades, even though they put on an act.
  • They wait for Jax to pick them up, and they ride to the Everglades with him.
  • They seem worried when they lose sight of Lily, Diego, and the Panthers.

Ever in the Everglades

  • Andi asks if she found Daniel in the sanctuary, and Emma says no.
  • After looking again, Andi says she's sorry they couldn't find him.
  • Andi looks surprised that Emma ran so quickly to Daniel.
  • Andi asks Emma if she still likes Daniel after seeing a butterfly appear, and she denies it.

Stuck in a Storm

  • They find Katie, Sophie and Gigi by using a map locating spell.
  • They stumble with their words after Daniel asks them how they found out where the girls were.
  • They are seen looking for the girls in the glades.
  • Andi seems a bit concerned when Emma falls.
  • Emma tells her and Jax that Mia was dangerous in the other reality.
  • Andi insists she seems pretty cool, and Emma says that's what they said when they first met her.
  • Andi is shocked to find out Mia is a kanay, and that she supposedly went into the video game with Emma.
  • Andi tells Emma that she went into the video game with her.
  • Andi believes Emma should leave everything the way it is now.
  • Andi tries to stop Emma from leaving the kitchen, as Jax is planning a suprise for her.

A Tale of Two Lives

  • Emma asks her what she's doing, and Emma says the right thing, and tells Daniel about his regular life.
  • Andi warns her that this could end badly.
  • Andi tells Emma that Daniel is happy and she is being selfish trying to get him to remember his other life.
  • Andi sarcastically congradulates her on starting another shift in the universe.
  • Andi tells her she knows that no one likes saying goodbye to someone they care about.
  • She also tells Emma that she's not just messing with time and space, but with lives, and she doesn't want to see her or anyone else get hurt.
  • Emma asks how Daniel dates Mia, and Andi says she seems really nice to her.

Twisted Sister

  • They are seen at the Seven trying to get Daniel to remember his old life.
  • They both seem surprised that Maddie is looking for her favorite "jeans" (she meant Gigi)
  • Andi sleeps over at Emma's house.
  • Emma wonders why the Hex is acting weird, and Andi says its because she's giving Billy so much attention.
  • Andi shows Emma the hat she made Billy.

Lunch at Lola's

  • Andi tells Emma that Jax's father wouldn't lose his daughter, and that he either hid her or someone took her.
  • When Emma asks who would take her, Andi suggets business enemies, a clan or trolls, more kanays, and a very angry pack of werewolves from Siberia.
  • Andi complains to Emma about going to Maddies game show for Daniel, but Emma says it's not the worst idea in the world.
  • Emma stops Jax from casting a spell on Andi.
  • Emma steps on her foot when she begins to remind Jax that he said his dad was keeping things from him.
  • Andi agrees with Emma about going to eat, but asks why they went to Lola's and not the Seven. Emma tells her she ha to mix thngs up.
  • Emma gets upset when Andi tells her Mia came to visit Daniel.
  • Andi insists to her that Mia cares about him and only wants what's best for him.
  • Emma is upset when Andi raises her hand when Jax asks if everyone is tired of getting Daniel to remember his past.
  • Andi sits next to Emma when they are at Lola's.

Monkey Face Emoji

  • Andi doesn't believe Emma when she says Daniel is the captain of the Sharks.
  • They accidently throw him into the pool.
  • They are seen at the lockers, talking about if the spell Maddie suggested worked.
  • Emma tries out the memory spell on Andi and Diego, and it is successful.
  • Andi realize he remembers his childhood up until the day he met Emma.
  • They devise a plan to recreate the day Daniel met Emma.
  • Emma tells Andi Jax is in trouble, but Andi tells her she can't leave now.
  • Emma hands her the Hex, saying she'd never forgive herself if anything happens to him, and runs off.

The Final Countdown

  • They are seen sitting together in history class.
  • They spend the day trying to help Daniel remember.
  • Andi states she's looked through the Hex thorougly already, but Emma says she hopes something will make sense.
  • Andi gives her a suggestion on relaxation by drinking warm milk, and Emma tells Diego to make some.
  • Andi tells Emma that telling Daniel to relax and forcing him to remember some memories won't help.

Diego's Wipedown

  • Emma tells Andi how Daniel got his memory back, and Andi asks her about the kiss she had with Daniel
  • Andi tells Emma that Jax told her about it and didn't seem happy, which makes Emma upset and guilty.
  • Mr. Alonso tells them they should go to class before their late.
  • Andi asks her if she thinks she should have left it alone, and Emma, offended, asks why does everyone keep asking her that.
  • Emma asks what did Daniel really loose, and Andi says his girlfriend.
  • They witness Mr. Alonso getting pranked by the T3, yet again.
  • Andi prevents Emma from casting a spell on Ursula and Maddie.

Van Pelt Reunion

  • They are seen talking about Emma and almost getting into a fight with Maddie and Diego.
  • They let Jax's mom inside, and then hide her, thinking and intruder is at the door.
  • They give Jax privacy with his mom.
  • Emma admits to Andi that she'd do anything to have her mom back after seeing Jax with his mom.
  • Andi asks Emma if she can approve of her guardian training.
  • Emma tells Andi that's its not the right time.
  • Andi is instantly upset reminding Emma that she had her back.

Back to Square One

  • She looks worried when Emma asks the Council about being able to turn back time.
  • Andi goes to Emma's houe and sees she's still in bed.
  • Andi is amazed at how much Emma is using her powers.
  • Andi warns her to turn down the magic a little bit.
  • They are seen standing in line for lunch.
  • Emma unfreezes Andi after stopping time.
  • They teletransport into the pool.
  • Emma messing with Andi's outfit before making her dry.
  • Andi tries to help Emma to stop abusing her magic.

Power in a Bottle

  • Emma lets Andi have her fries during lunch.
  • Andi is cautious of Emma misusing her powers.
  • Andi trusts Emma and goes to the Council to give her a second chance.
  • Andi agrees that maybe Emma should have gotten her powers taken away temporarily.
  • Andi tells Emma to get out of the room when The Witches Council tries to strip her powers.
  • Emma tells Andi she's "experimenting" with all of the new magic.
  • Emma tells Andi about doing anything she can to travel back in time to save her mom.

What If?

  • Emma tells Andi she decided to bring her mom back.
  • Andi tells Emma she won't help her with getting her mom back because it's too dangerous.
  • Emma threatens Andi.
  • Andi tells the Council what Emma's up to.
  • Andi goes behind Emma's back to tell Hex not to help Emma bring her mother back.
  • Emma is angry Andi tried to turn Hex against her.
  • Emma threatens Andi again.
  • Emma tells Andi she'll never be her guardian.
  • Andi, devastated, walks out of Emma's room.


  • Andi tells Lily that Emma found a new book a spells, an evil one.
  • Andi confronts Emma with Maddie and Diego.
  • Andi agrees with Diego and Maddie when Emma starts to ignore them.
  • She stands up to support Maddie and Diego but then sits right back down after hearing Emma's response.

Stop Emma

  • Andi tells the group that Emma needs to be stopped from reversing time.
  • Emma received a text from Andi to meet her at the Seven before school.

Mommie Dearest

  • Andi tells Emma to stay and here them out.
  • Andi sits next to her during the intervention.
  • Andi asks her long she thinks her mom will be with he if she succeeds in bringing her back.
  • Andi tells her that turning back time will not stop her mom from getting sick.
  • Andi feels bad for Emma when the group drives her to tears.
  • Andi helps Emma rethink her decision about bringing her mom back.
  • Emma tells Andi after Daniel's speech to her that she is still going to do it.
  • Andi shows up at her house after the intervention.
  • Emma casts a spell on Andi to prevent her from getting hurt by The Principal.
  • Emma tells Andi about bringing The Principal back while Andi reveals her suspicions.

A Girl's Sacrifice

  • They looks frightened when they realize Liana took all the orbs powers.
  • Andi texts the others that Emma is in danger.
  • Andi sacrifices herself and steps in front of Emma before she is hit with a spell by Liana.
  • Andi tells the others to get Emma out of her house.
  • Emma immediately wants to go back and check back on Andi to see if she's alright.
  • Andi tries to warn Emma about Liana following them to school
  • Andi and Emma both hug and apologize for fighting with one another.
  • Emma says that what Andi did makes her a true guardian.
  • They work together with E to take down Liana.
  • They are later at the lockers asking the realm to open up.
  • They sucked into the orb but are saved by Jax and Jessie.
  • Emma doesn't erase Andi's memories of Daniel.
  • Emma states that Andi deserves to remember since she is her guardian.
  • Andi says she knows Emma and that she believes in her making the right decision.
  • They go to the Everglades to visit and check on Daniel.
  • Emma wishes Andi good luck at W.I.T.S. Academy.
  • Emma loans her the Hex as her assistor at W.I.T.S. Academy.


  • Andi is the first person Emma meets upon moving to Miami
  • Emma and Andi had a sleepover with one another.
  • Andi lets Emma know she's going to help Emma become a better Witch.
  • Andi was the first one to figure out that Emma is a witch.
  • Andi tries to protect Emma with her knowledge on zombie apocalypses.
  • In Zombie Boyfriend Emma lets Andi keep Philip.
  • Andi is mad at Emma when she sends Philip back into the game.
  • They both make up in I'll Stop the World.
  • They had their second sleepover in Mac-sic-cle.
  • Their code for Maddie is a mad face.
  • She made Andi the first human guardian in New Witch Order and sent her to W.I.T.s Academy for training in A Girl's Sacrifice.
  • Paola Andino, Daniela Nieves, and Nickelodeon comfirmed the official ship name in their tweets.


  • Count Me In - Dove Cameron
  • Count On Me - Bruno Mars
  • True Friend - Hannah Montana
  • Oath- Cher Lloyd
  • Gift Of A Friend- Demi Lovato
  • No Place Like Us- The Cheetah Girls
  • Flashlight- Jessie J
  • Edge Of The Mirror - Emme Rose
  • Lean On Me - Bill Withers
  • TTYLXOX - Bella Thorne
  • You've Got A Friend In Me - Randy Newman 
  • Girlfriend - Nicki Minaj


  • Their lockers are next to each other.
  • They share a dislike for Maddie and The Panthers.
  • They both once want to be a part of The Magic Realm. (Emma wanted to be the The Chosen One.)
  • They both go to Iridium High.
  • They live in the same neighborhood.          
  • Their both females.
  • Their best friends.


  • Emma is very girly while Andi is a tomboy.
  • Emma loves glitter and scrapbooking while Andi loves great white sharks and zombies.
  • Emma likes romantic movies while Andi likes horror movies.
  • Emma wears a skirt to school while Andi doesn't - she wears pants.
  • Emma is a witch while Andi is a human.

Emmandi Quotes

The Big Rescue 

Andi (to Emma): Look. Being a witch could be, like, the ultimate social power card. With your powers and my wicked brains, we'll rule the school!

Andi & Philip, Sittin' in a Tree

Emma: Go on Andi, live a little!

A Girl's Sacrifice

Andi (to Emma): I believe in you, and I'll stand by your side no matter what.