I knew it! You have feelings for me!

“Emma Wants a Cracker”
Season 2, Episode 15
Maddie Mood Ring
Air Date

July 28, 2014

Production code



Catharina Ledeboer & Gloria Shen


Clayton Boen

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Emma Wants a Cracker is the 15th episode of Season 2, and of Every Witch Way.


When Emma accidentally turns herself into a parrot, Daniel and Andi search for her; Maddie believes that Emma is at fault for her face showing moods; Desdemona tries to frame Lily for planning to destroy the magic realm;Agamenmon finds out the truth and tries to send Lily back but failed.



  • It is revealed that Jax has Orinthophobia, a phobia of birds.
  • Maddie's face turned into a mood ring.
  • Maddie turned Emma back into a human.
  • Daniel finds out that Jax is a wizard, not counting the episode where he lost his memory.
  • Diego finds out that Maddie has feelings for him (according to her face being turned into a mood ring).
  • Daniel still seems to care about Emma after Lily tells him what the witches council wanted to happen between him and Emma.
  • Daniel finds out Emma was willing to sacrifice her powers for him.
  • Desdemona accuses Lily of trying to combine the light of the magic realm with the last light of the Fool Moon to destroy the realm.
  • Gigi sends Emma and Daniel anonymous texts to meet at the school.
  • Maddie thinks she's turning Sophie back to normal after Emma was turned into a bird,but finds out the truth.


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Daniel (finding Andi in the nurse's office): Andi, I've been looking all over for you! I had to find you because, because Emma's a parrot.
Andi (insulted): How dare you call Emma a parrot! Is it because she talks a lot, because she does. But I mean it's not nice to point things out like that. Do I ever point out that you have a gigantic forehead?
Daniel: No, I mean she turned herself into a parrot, with a spell, accidently, I think.
Andi: Wait what?
Daniel: I saw it. The T3 rigged her locker, and I don't have a big forehead!
Andi (giving in): You don't. Look, I apologize for calling you Franken-boy, but we have bigger problems.
Daniel (to Andi): So did you find the other witch?
Jax (looking up): Huh?
Daniel: The other witch, who's gonna turn Emma back into a person?
Andi (pointing to Jax): Uh Daniel, he is the other witch.
Daniel: You're a-you have magic powers too?!
Jax: Oh sorry. Did I forget to mention that on my Sharks application?
Daniel: This is-I can't even!- Just forget it.
Andi: Um, get me two of the one for a dozen pizza special.
Diego (to Gigi): You know dad's going to be furious when he finds out we're doing a buy 1 get 12 free promotion.
Gigi: I told you, it was a mistake.
Diego: Then go back and say so on air!
Gigi: No way! Miss Information is never wrong.
Diego: Maybe, but she's gonna be grounded for the next, hmmm...dozen years! (to Andi) Who are you getting all these pizzas for?
Andi: Oh, me and Emma.
Diego: Just the two of you? What are you gonna do with (counts) 26 pizzas? (Sophie walks up)
Andi & Sophie: Pizza fort! (Andi looks at Sophie weirdly)


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