Here's a list of Emma Alonso's clones from the Season 2 episode The Emma Squad.


Evil Emma

Evil Emma is one of Emma Alonso's clone. She is the opposite of Emma and was the first clone that Emma created. She also kissed Jax Novoa and planned to get rid of Original Emma with the help of Jax in I'll Stop the World and Emma vs. Emma.

Nerdy Emma

Nerdy Emma is the nerdy part of Emma. She had lunch with Daniel and started to sweat. She has a crush on him. She was made by Evil Emma to stay and listen to Francisco's math lecture at Iridium High.

Hippie Emma

Hippie Emma was created by Evil Emma and was left to play video games with Andi. She also babysat the T3, which resulted in them being covered in mud.

Lazy/Greedy Emma

Lazy Emma was created in order to play video games with Andi and was made by Hippie Emma.