Did they tell you that I'm also a kanay?
~ Diego to Mia

“El Cristal de Caballero”
Season 3, Episode 10
Air Date

January 16, 2015

Production code



Catharina Ledeboer & Gloria Shen


Clayton Boen

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El Cristal de Caballero[1] is the 10th episode of Season 3, and of Every Witch Way.


Emma and Andi are sure that Mia was responsible for Daniel's strange behavior, but they are unable to prove it; Jax and Andi search for the missing crystal piece.



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  • The title is Spanish for The Crystal of Knight.
  • Mia removes the spider seal.
  • Mia lies that she didn't give Daniel the spider seal on purpose.
  • Mia traps Emma and Maddie in the janitor's closet.
  • Diego reveals that he's a kanay to Mia.
  • Andi and Jax team up and try to find the last crystal piece.
  • Mia try's to help Diego free Emma and Maddie after trapping them.
  • Maddie says to Emma the seal didn't change his personality, it released his "inner wild", meaning everything Daniel did he must've wanted to do, deep down.
  • Katie tries to record Mia saying she wants to destroy witches to warn the others.
  • Gigi interrupts Daniel when he tries to go after Mia and explain that he wasn't accusing her of anything.
  • Jax evesdrops on the Council's conversation about the third piece of the crystal.
  • Daniel rounds up the group together, to try to make peace with Mia, but she leaves in the middle of it.
  • Mr. Alonso catches Andi and Jax punching holes in the wall.
  • Maddie calls Emma a baby in this episode while Andi calls Jax a baby.


Lily (checking Daniel): Well, it does look like the seal is gone.
Maddie: Great, now can we go? I need to change my shoes.
Emma: Again? You already changed this morning.
Maddie: Yeah, from my 9 AM shoes to my 10 AM shoes. Now, I have to put on my 11 AM shoes.
Andi: Okay, how do we know that he's not gonna turn in Daniel Darko again?
Lily: I used the strongest magic detecting tools we've got; I'm confident, it's gone.
Daniel: I'm still confused about what happened this past week.
Andi: You don't remember anything?
Daniel: Just some hazy images here and there. Detention, more detention, more detention.
Lily: Nothing about who did this to you?
Emma (firmly): We know who: Mia.
Andi: Okay, we have to stop her. We need to-
Daniel (cutting her off): No, Mia saved me
Emma (outraged): Saved you?!
Daniel: When I woke up in my garage she was there, and she took away the seal, to help me.
Emma (seeing Andi and Jax): You guys got Daniel's text too?
Jax: Yeah. Usually I wouldn't bother coming, but-
Andi (finishing his sentence): But he knew you were gonna be here so, here he is, all puppy dog eyes and lovey dovey talk.
Jax (embarrassed): Andi! (to Emma) It's not true, don't listen to her. You know she gets, when she plays video games, and starts hallucinating-
Emma (seeing Daniel): Daniel!
Jax: And Mia?
Daniel: Hey guys, thanks for coming. (looks around) Where's Diego?
Maddie (standing up): Oh, an emergency pizza oven situation at the Seven.
Sophie: Oh, those are the worst.
Maddie (with Emma entering the janitors' closet): Proxy? (to Emma) We must've beat him here.
Emma: How long do we have to wait for him? This place gives me the heebie-jeebies. *shivers*
Maddie: The janitors' closet?
Emma: Yes! *lowering her voice* It's dark and dank.
Maddie: You're such a baby. *chuckles* You should glitterize it, (in a baby voice) then it wouldn't be too scary.
Emma (defensive): I'm not scared. (the door slams shut. They gasp)
Maddie (freaking out): GET ME OUT OF HERE! This place is, dark and dank!