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“Double Trouble”
Season 2, Episode 11
Air Date

July 22, 2014

Production code



Catharina Ledeboer & Gloria Shen


Clayton Boen

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Double Trouble is the 11th episode of Season 2, and of Every Witch Way.


Emma is out of control after learning a new cloning spell from Jax; Maddie and Diego investigate alternative ways to restore her powers. At the end, Jax Novoa and Emma's clone kiss. Jax doesn't know that it's Emma's clone, and not the real Emma; Maddie also gets her powers back with the help of Diego Rueda.



  • In this episode, Emma uses a cloning spell from Jax.
  • Maddie seems to care for Diego after stopping the power transfer when she saw him in pain.
  • Diego makes a ball of scraps so Maddie can get her powers back.
  • Jax and Evil Emma kiss.
  • Maddie regains her powers in this episode.
  • Emma goes on her Anniversary date with Daniel.
  • Emma sends her clone to attend her dads math lecture.
  • The T3 prank Daniel during the anniversary.
  • Evil Emma creates a Nerdy Emma clone so she can sneak off with Jax, during the math convention.
  • Mrs. Miller suggests Daniel to go talk to Mr. Alonso about rescheduling play practice so it won't interfere with Shark practice.
  • It is revealed that Daniel is jealous of Jax's and Mr. Alonso's new bond.
  • Gigi gets shut down by Mr. Alonso in the cafeteria.
  • Katie and Sophie try to find the ball of scraps before Diego, and uses a metal detector to do so.
  • Desdemona volunteers to be the director of the school play, and makes Gigi her assistant director.


The image gallery for Double Trouble may be viewed here.


Tommy: We're missing three boxes of fireworks.
Robbie: Somebody's been messing with our stuff. (Tommy looks at Daniel)
Daniel: Don't look at me.
Tommy: And four CO2 cartridges.
Daniel: Why would steal them? I don't even know what they're used for.
Tommy: Tsk tsk tsk. So young,
Robbie (finishing his sentence): So innocent.
Daniel: How do you guys afford that stuff anyway? Your allowance is 50 cents a week.
Robbie and Tommy (in an obvious tone): Grandma.
Mr. Alonso (to Jax): So, what do you think?
Jax (trying not to choke on the pizza): Mmm, it's good.
Emma (aside to Jax): Water?
Jax: It'll only make it worse. (Emma smiles in amusement)
Daniel (to Emma and Andi): Hey guys.
Emma: Danny! You didn't come over last night.
Daniel: I figured you were busy, spending time with other people.
Emma: I wasn't. Well, Jax came over to help me with-
Daniel: I know, I saw.
Emma: You did? How?
Daniel: Through the kitchen window.
Andi (sing-songing): STALKER! (she walks away)
Jax: Well if it isn't the wicked powerless witch of the west!
Maddie: How dare you call me that!
Katie: Yeah this is the east coast.
Sophie: Also known as stage left. (Jax and Katie giver her weird looks)
Maddie: If I had my powers you'd be a, a possum by now!
Katie: Yeah, hanging upside down from your tail.
Sophie: Yeah, which, by the way, is awesome. How do they do that?
Jax: And if I had my powers, I would-oh wait! I do have my powers! Now hop along.
Maddie: Huh? (Jax casts a spell on her that makes her hop around. He leaves laughing) Wait, what? How dare you! Make it stop! (she whimpers)
Sophie: Jax! Wait! Me next!
Jax: I don't know if it's the Fool Moon or what, but, you're a lot more fun now.
Evil Emma: For the first time in my life, I feel alive.
Jax: Well, I really like you now. (he moves closer to her) This is really great, you're really great.(They kiss)


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