Despite being loosely based on Grachi, there are many changes from the original show in order to fit the American version:

  • In the original, Grachi and Mecha are best friends with many things in common. In Every Witch Way, Emma and Andi are polar opposites yet are still best friends.
  • Grachi and Matilda started as friends, Emma and Maddie first disliked each other.
  • The Iridium High uniform is probably inspired by the Escolarium uniforms of season 2 and not Season 1.
  • The Red Panthers' American counterpart was instead simple named The Panthers.
  • The Red Panthers originally consisted of four members. In Every Witch Way, the Panthers only consist of three.
  • The Panthers are cheerleaders instead of aspiring dancers.
  • Andi is an athlete and is part of the Sharks while Mecha is an aspiring fashion designer and used to date one of the members of the Sharks.
  • In Every Witch Way, Emma has a guardian named Lily. In Grachi, Grachi has a magical tutor named Cussy.
  • Lily is a school nurse while Cussy is the assistant of the principal.
  • In the original, it took time for Matilda to be convinced that Grachi is flirting with Daniel. In Every Witch Way, Maddie already witnessed it, meaning, her jealousy is much worse than Matilda.
  • Ursula is much more mischievous than in the original.
  • The show's storyline has been revised in order to summarize the first season and make the show more kid-friendly.
  • The Principal uses her magic to primarily turn both her students and facility members into frogs and keeps them as part of her "collection" (she also bewitches their family members and relatives so they are unaware of their family member being missing), while the Principal in Grachi used her magic for much other evil needs.
  • Maddie knew about the Hexoren even before she planned sneaking into Emma's house.
  • The Principal was already noticed to be evil in the beginning.
  • Jax arrived in Season 2 while his Latin counterpart Axel Velez arrived in Season 3.
  • Mia Black arrived in Season 3 while her Latin counterpart Mia Novoa arrived in Season 2.
  • Mia Black was a kanay while Mia Novoa was a witch.
  • Emma ended up with Jax while her Latin counterpart ended up with Daniel.
  • Diego ended up with Maddie while his Latin counterpart ended up with Amaya Velez, Axel's sister.
  • Every Witch Way had four seasons while Grachi only had 3.

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