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Diego Forlan
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Rosa Forlan (Sister)


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Diego Forlan was a student in Escolarium. He was one of the members of The Sharks, Escolarium's swimming team. Diego is a Churi Kanay, a person who is able to control the elements, Water, Earth, Fire and Air. He is secretly in love with Matilda. Diego, Guillermo, Chema, Daniel and the rest of the sharks are very good friends. Diego is played by Rafael De La Fuente. He is the brother of Rosa Forlan. In the second season, he is the boyfriend of Matilda Roman. He is also the Latin counterpart of Diego Kanaymay from Every Witch Way.


Diego begins to feel changes in his body, and discovers where this makes colder or warmer heat, so he thinks that everything that happens to a normal kid. Matilda suspicion about Diego thinking it was a witch and then the Director would clarify on the issue of Churi Kanays and saying that she finished with all he had. But this was a special opportunity to use it to steal the powers of Grachi decides he's lying to convene special and you can do great things. Tells about race, and tells them that they're witches second degree, called Churi Kanays or Sons of Fire that can control the elements. After deciding to play along to the Director, she learns to use his powers slowly, after William inadvertently freeze and decides to ask for help from Tony who already knew about magic. Matilda looking for any way for diego fall in his powers, but fails and after Grachi alerts you to the director and the theft of powers, to be in love with Matilda, and want to protect her, decides to believe Grachi.


He is athletic and can sometimes be competitive. When it gets really annoying your body gets a red color and its powers descontrol.Tiende to get angry easily when you feel attacked or when they are bothering any of your friends Grandmother Grachi according dawn of the island Diego is very dangerous. Diego has a romantic side as consistently demonstrates in season 2 when this matilda gives him kisses flowers or just makes this colder air to hug her.


Matilda RomanEdit

He's completely in love with Matilda . then in the third season matilda is going to live in the home of her grandmother because not stand being with grachi, leaving diego sad and lonely