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“Diego's Wipedown”
Season 4, Episode 10-11
Air Date

July 20, 2015

Production code



Catharina Ledeboer & Gloria Shen


Clayton Boen

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The Final Countdown


Van Pelt Reunion

Diego's Wipedown is the 10th & 11th episode of Season 4, and of Every Witch Way.


After the Continuum break ends, Emma works hard to restore her relationship with Jax; Maddie tries to get Diego to forgive her.



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  • Daniel remembers Emma chose Jax instead of him.
  • Daniel asks Emma why did she pick Jax.
  • Emma reveals she can't explain why she chose Jax and that it was just a feeling.
  • Daniel is upset as he lost everything.
    • Emma.
    • His Alternate life.
    • Mia.
    • Billy.
  • Emma tries to bring Billy back, but fails.
  • Emma regrets that she made Daniel lose his alternate life, but is happy that he is back.
  • Jax goes to see Ursula, demanding answers of his mother.
  • Ursula reveals that Liana found out about the Van Pelt family, through an unknown person.
  • Andi gets the Hexoran back from Jessie.
  • Jax tells Andi that Emma and Daniel kissed.
  • Jax doesn't arrive at school as he is still upset with Emma.
  • Daniel refuses to speak with Emma.
  • Emma brings Jax back in time to show him what happened between her and Daniel.
  • Emma and Jax kiss.
  • Ursula prepares for the Van Pelt reunion.
  • Maddie wants to bring Diego to the reunion, but Ursula refuses.
  • Jax and Emma watch the scene between Emma and Daniel eight times.
  • Jake reveals to Emma that he knows they went back in time.
  • Maddie sadly tells Diego he can't come to the Van Pelt reunion, leading Diego to become mad with Maddie.
  • Jax tells Emma that his mother is alive and that he went to see her.
  • Emma begins to miss her mother.
  • Daniel goes to see Mia to tell her of the Continuum Break.
  • Mia is revealed to not remember the events of the Continuum Break.
  • Daniel wants to be with Mia.
  • Jax reveals to Emma that Ursula was protecting Liana.
  • Emma encourages Jax to see his mother to get more answers.
  • Jax discovers that his mother is gone again and that someone has moved into her house.
  • Diego and Daniel discuss their relationship problems with Mia and Maddie.
  • Ursula reveals that a member of the family will become the new leader.
  • Jax reveals to Emma his mother is gone.
  • Maddie attempts but fails to apologize to Diego.
  • Jax and Emma confront Ursula on Liana's whereabouts.
  • Ursula reveals that Jake arrived shortly after Jax left and believes he told Jake about Liana.
  • Emma and Jax threaten to use magic on Ursula if she doesn't reveal the information regarding Liana's whereabouts.
  • Maddie protects her mother from Emma and Jax.
  • Andi and Diego walk in on the fight between Emma and Jax against Maddie and Ursula.
  • Diego protects Maddie and Ursula.
  • Andi stops the fight.
  • Jax gives Ursula a letter for his mother.
  • Maddie is surprised about Emma's current behvaiour.
  • Maddie reveals why she can't bring Diego to the reunion.
    • Her family hates Kanay's and she doesn't want Diego to have to be made fun of.
    • She doesn't want Diego to hate her family.
    • She also mentions that she might become the new leader of the family.
  • Maddie and Diego break up.
  • A mysterious figure spies on Emma at her house.
  • Jake reveals trouble has appeared in the Magic Realm.
  • Jax tries to warn Jessie about their father, but she refuses to believe him.
  • Gigi confronts Diego about what happened between him and Maddie.
  • The Council have been told by an unknown source of Emma's use of Time Travel magic.
  • Emma tells the Council of what Jake did to Jax and of Liana's current situation.
  • The Council are revealed to be afraid of Jake Novoa.
  • Emma loses her temper with the Council and causes to a rain cloud to appear over them.
  • Gigi posts about Maddie and Diego's break up on Miss Information.
  • Liana arrives at Emma's house, due to Jax's letter and reveals that someone might be following her.
  • This will be a one hour special.
  • This is the first time there is a one hour special in the middle of the season.
  • This episode is the first episode with Diego's name in the title.
  • The shipping names DemmaJemma and Dia were mentioned in this episode.


Jessie (after Andi finds him hiding in a closet): It's not what it looks like! We were playing.
Andi (to Hex): Is this true Hexie? (Hex seems to tell her it's the truth.)
Jessie: We were hanging out; he even let me read him! (to Hex) Right? (Hex agrees) I even learned some new spells. Check them out: Andi pushed her way into my house, let's she how she likes being a mouse!
Andi (in a mouse voice): Nice try. *gasps* Oh no, what happened to my voice?
Jessie (excited): It worked! Kind of.
Andi (regular voice): No, not at all. (takes the Hex and walks away)
Jessie (calling): Bye Hex! See you soon.
Andi (descending the stairs, to Hex): Sympathizing with your book napper? What'd she do, page-wash you?
Jax (seeing Andi leave his house as he enters it): Andi? You hanging with my sister again?
Andi: NO, I had to liberate the Hex from her from her scheming little paws. By the way, Emma texted me. Daniel made it!
Jax (looking down): I know. Did she mention that she saved him with a kiss?
Andi (taken aback, surprised): She did what now? Wait, DETAILS PLEASE! (he closes the door in her face)
Emma (walking up to Diego & the Panthers): Hey, anybody seen Jax?
Diego: No, he didn't show up to swim practice again this morning.
Katie: He wasn't in history class.
Sophie: Or chemistry. I love when he says(in best Australian accent) 'H2CO3!'
Emma (after Jax opens the door): Jax.
Jax: What do you want Emma?
Emma: You weren't at school today, you haven't been answering my texts. Are you feeling okay?
Jax: Really, that's what you're gonna go with? (Emma says nothing) Okay, I'll play along. *coughs* I think I've come down with a touch of 'my girlfriend kissed another guy' flu.
Diego (pouring Daniel a smoothie): You know what? I think I'll join you. (pours a smoothie for himself)
Daniel: What's the matter?
Diego: Eh, me and Maddie had a fight.
Daniel: And you wanna make up? That's easy you just-
Daniel & Diego (simultaneously): Say you're sorry and buy her something.
Diego: Yeah, but you know this time I'm not sorry. Boxing me out of her family reunion like that? (starts smoking)
Daniel (worried): Dude-
Diego: After everything that we've been through!
Daniel (trying again): Dude-
Diego (getting angrier): What, is she worried something's gonna happen if I'm there? I'm gonna go all kanay and light the curtains on fire?
Daniel (raising his voice): Dude! (motions to his arms. Diego lets go of the pizza box and calms down)
Diego: Okay, but that will most definitely not happen if I'm there.
Ursula: MADDIE!! (to Jax) You wouldn't dare!
Jax: Not if you tell me what I need to know.
Maddie (walking in): What now, mother? *gasps* (sees Jax's hand raised to do a spell) Whoa, whoa whoa, I'd lower that hand if I were you. (raises her hand to cast a spell)
Emma: Stay out of this Maddie.
Maddie: Me?! I'm the one whose mother's being threatened!
Ursula: Yeah, Emma, I'm surprised at you. I know Jax is difficult, but I always thought you were fairly reasonable.
Emma: Well maybe you thought wrong! Now back off. (raises her hand to cast a spell) Just tell him where his mother is, and nobody has to-
Jax (finishing her sentence): Get turned into an ice sculpture.
Maddie (excited): Ooh, an ice sculpture? We can use it at the party to keep the caviar cold!
Ursula (whispering): Maddie, they're talking about me.
Maddie (whispering back): Oh! Yeah, never mind. (louder) Everybody back off!
Diego: Whoa, what's going on in here?
Maddie: Proxy help! (whispers) It's a code pink! (he rushes to her and his markings light up)



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