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Neverending Summer kiss
General Information
Nickname Dia
Intimacy Level Dating in Everglades
Crushes in Miami
Started Dating Daniel Darko - El Cristal de Caballero
Stuck in a Storm - The Final Countdown
A Girl's Sacrifice - present
Dating Status Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Best Friends in Everglades

Dia (D/aniel and M/ia) was the romantic/friendship pairing between Mia Black and Daniel Miller.

They are portrayed by Nick Merico and Elizabeth Elias.

Dia Moments/Friendship/Relationship HistoryEdit

Season 3Edit


Beachside 7 Edit

  • Daniel saved Mia, who was pretending to drown.
  • Mia hugs Daniel.

Rebel Emma Edit

  • Mia brings Daniel his favorite cookies.
  • Mia asks about Emma.

Always You Edit

  • Mia flirts with Daniel.
  • Mia shoved and rubbed ice cream on Daniel's face. 
  • Mia called him "Slow Daniel"
  • They are seen play fighting by Emma which makes her jealous and a little hurt.

Breaking All the Rules Edit

  • Mia shapeshifts into Andi so she could hang out with Daniel.

Neverending Summer Edit

  • Mia shapeshifts into Emma so she can kiss with Daniel and make him evil with the spider that crawled from Mia to Daniel.

Daniel DarkoEdit

  • Daniel sang "Always You" to Mia onstage, when he wrote it for and sang it to Emma.
  • Daniel kisses Mia in front of everyone.
  • Daniel shows her around school, as she is new.
  • Daniel threatens Sebastian and makes his locker Mia's.
  • They sit at lunch together.
  • Daniel ditches detention to go to The Seven with Mia.
  • Mia texts Emma to meet them at The Seven, using Daniel's phone.

No More Mr. Nice GuyEdit

  • Daniel skips swim practice and detention to hang with Mia at the Seven.
  • Daniel tries to tell Mia about witches, but is interrupted by Emma.
  • It is revealed in this episode that Mia may like Daniel for real.
  • Daniel tells Mia about witches at lunch, but she plays dumb, even though she already knows.

Spider No MoreEdit

  • Daniel comes over and sees Mia's photo collage on her wall, she calls her Wall of Revenge.
  • Mia explains her plan to him, and says he's going to help her.
  • Daniel asks if she's a witch-hunter cheerleader, and she says she's much more than that.
  • She demonstartes her powers by using them on Daniel, and finally tells her she's a kanay.
  • She thinks it's lame when she find out Emma's locker combination is Daniel's birthday.
  • She seemes unimpressed when Daniel tells her he's putting pudding in Emma's locker as a prank.
  • They find Katie snooping around in her basement.
  • They kiss at the lockers.
  • It is revealed that Daniel was faking and the spider seal is still on him; Mia covered it with makeup.
  • When she calls him a great actor, he calls her an evil mastermind and a great makeup artist.

Back To BackEdit

  • Mia gives him a piece of a crystal, and says it will scramble a witch's spell.
  • Mia goes to Daniel's house after hearing he's sick.

El Cristal de CaballeroEdit

  • Mia removes the spider seal off Daniel.
  • Daniel tells Emma that Mia saved him by taking it off.
  • Mia is upset that Daniel can't remember dating her.
  • She leaves him, a little hurt that he doesn't remember anything.
  • Daniel tries to run after her, but is stopped by Gigi.
  • Daniel goes to her house to apologize, but she thinks he is there to confront her.
  • He says he doesn't believe that Kanays are evil.
  • Daniel says Mia is his friend.
  • Mia hugs him.
  • Daniel stands up for Mia.

Kanay vs. KanayEdit

  • Mia, playing dumb, asks what's going on, and Daniel tells her, flipping out.
  • Daniel tells Katie Mia is here to help
  • Daniel thanks her, and they share a short look.
  • Daniel tells Emma that Mia helped rescue her and Maddie.

Invisible MeEdit

  • They are seen walking and flirting in the hall by Emma and Andi.
  • Mia tells Daniel he should grow his hair out, saying it's more "musician-y".
  • He says maybe, but Emma likes it short.
  • Mia asked if she's still mad for sticking up for me , and he says he's not sure, and it's been rough with them.
  • Mia again apologizes for the spider seal.
  • She takes his hand in her, and they both look at the bush, whch looked like it moved.
  • Daniel vents to her about how upset he is about how much Emma trusts Jax.
  • Mia suggests that he might be seeing Emma's true colors, and they're growing apart. Daniel agrees, but quickly takes it back.
  • Mia laughs when yogurt is thrown on him.

Zombie Rescue TeamEdit

  • Mia goes to Daniel's house and tells him the truth about her family, and her plan for revenge.
  • Daniel goes to Mia's house after seeing she is gone and the T3 reveal she had a fight with Andi.
  • Daniel helps set Mia free while Diego sets Andi free.
  • Daniel asks what she is doing when she threatens everyone.
  • She tells him to stand behind her so she can get them out of here.

Kangaroo JaxEdit

  • Daniel tries to convince her to let them go, but she says since they can't cast spells, this is her chance to attack.
  • Mia says to Daniel, "They won't hurt me, huh?" after Diego throws a fireball at her.
  • They are seen in chemistry class, discussing last night.
  • Daniel says she didn't have to threaten everyone, but she said they were ganging up on her wand wanted to take her out.
  • Mia starts to fake cry, and Daniel leaves to get tissues.


  • Daniel tells Maddie and Diego that he ran into Mia and she seemed upset.
  • Daniel seems worried when he finds out Diego is having a duel with Mia.
  • Later, Daniel was about to talk to Mia about ending the duel with Diego when Jax transported into his house.

The Kanay Strikes BackEdit

  • Daniel realized that Mia made him evil and that everything she said was a lie.
  • Mia kisses Daniel which made him remember that she shapeshifted into Emma and gave him the spider seal in the first place.
The Kanay Strikes Back


Season 4Edit

Stuck in a StormEdit

  • It appears in this alternate reality Daniel and Mia are dating, and run the animal sanctuary together with Daniel's family.
  • They both agree at first that they should go find Gigi, Katie, and Sophie alone.
  • They sit together by a boat.
  • They help Emma, Jax, Andi, Diego, and Maddie find the girls.
  • They smile at Jax and Emma when they see them hug.
  • They make dinner for the gang.
  • Daniel tastes the soup Mia made and tells everyone that it is ready.

A Tale of Two LivesEdit

  • Mia seemed worried about Daniel as she hasn't seen him.
    Dia Hug
  • Daniel agrees to go to Miami with Emma and the gang, in order to save Mia and his family.
  • Daniel comes and puts his hand on Mia's shoulder while informing everyone that breakfast is at 8.
  • Mia tells the groups if the need anything else, give them a shout, referring to her and Daniel.
  • Daniel is seen telling her that he's only leaving for a week, and he'll be home soon.
  • They hug goodbye as Daniel goes with the group back to Miami and Mia stays behind with his mother and siblings.

Lunch at Lola'sEdit

  • Mia visits Daniel and wants him to come home.
  • Daniel pretends to remember his other life in order to go home to The Everglades with Mia.

Monkey Face Emoji Edit

  • Daniel accidently says he's going to go call Mia, then corrects himself and replaces Mia's name with Maddie's.

The Final Countdown Edit

  • Daniel asks Jax to tele-transport him so he could say goodbye to his family and Mia one last time.

Diego's WipedownEdit

  • Daniel visited Mia at her new school.
  • She told him she heard about Emma dumping him and think he wants to get with her because of it.
  • Daniel tries to tell her about their alternate life together.
  • Mia threatens him and tells him to leave, to which he agrees, but says he will make her remember what they had.
  • He vents about his "girl problems" with Mia to Diego as he vents about Maddie.

Power in a BottleEdit

  • Mia finds Daniel at the Seven.
  • She says she's been thinking about if this alternate life she told him about could be possible, and asks him to tell her about it.
  • They are later seen at Daniel's house, still talking about the alternate life.
  • She says it sounds nice when Daniel tells her it was just him and her, best friend and a couple.
  • Daniel tells her she lived with her parents, and she is shocked that her parents were around in her alternate life.
  • The information is too much for her, so she leaves, which makes Daniel blame himself.

What If?Edit

  • Daniel tells Diego he has Mia's address and encourages him to talk to Mia about finding more kanays.

Stop EmmaEdit

  • he calls Mia to ask for her help to unfreeze Jessie
  • Daniel visits Mia to see how she's doing.
  • He apologizes for bringing up her parents the last time.
  • He promises to never bring it up again.
  • Daniel asks Mia to help stop Emma in her plan to turn back time.
  • Mia is surprised that Daniel asked Emma to send him back to his other life.
  • Mia refuses, telling him if there's a chance she'll see her parents again, she won't stand in her way, and neither should he.

A Girl's SacrificeEdit

  • Daniel hugs Mia right after he sees her and both decide to plan out the daily schedule together.
  • Daniel is back and happy with Mia in the Everglades.


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  • Let's Be Friends - Emily Osment
  • The One That Got Away - Katy Perry
  • Why Don't We Fall in Love - Amerie
  • Don't Forget - Demi Lovato
  • Dark Horse - Katy Perry
  • Rolling in the Deep - Adele
  • Sugar - Robin Schulz, Francesco Yates
  • All In My Head - Tori Kelly
  • Radar - Britney Spears
  • Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart - Ariana Grande
  • You Make Me Wanna - Usher
  • I'm Into You - Jennifer Lopez ft. Lil Wayne
  • Don't Cha - The Pussycat Dolls ft. Busta Rhymes
  • Pacify Her - Melanie Martinez
  • Because Of You - Ne-Yo
  • The Last Time - Taylor Swift ft. Gary Lightbody
  • Black Magic - Little Mix
  • Troublemaker - Olly Murs ft. Flo Rida
  • Every Time You Lie - Demi Lovato
  • All Hands On Deck - Tinashe
  • I Want You Back - Jackson 5
  • I Won't Give Up - Jason Mraz
  • Do You Remember - Jay Sean, Sean Paul, Lil Jon
  • Here We Go Again - Demi Lovato
  • Dark Side - Kelly Clarkson
  • Say Ok - Vanessa Hudgens
  • Wait On Me - Rixton

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