Don't worry; the zombie will be gone in no time.

Season 3, Episode 17
Air Date

January 27, 2015

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Catharina Ledeboer & Gloria Shen


Clayton Boen

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Kangaroo Jax


Magical Throwdown

Defiance[1] is the 17th episode of Season 3, and of Every Witch Way.


Emma and Daniel must find the Kangaroo before Francisco contacts animal control; Mia challenges Diego to a duel; Gigi tries to figure out who destroyed her video equipment.



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  • Mr. Alonso evacuates the school after seeing a kangaroo (which is really Jax) loose at Iridium High.
  • The council is possibly planning to overthrow Emma.
  • Its revealed that Emma isn't strong enough to reverse a spell both Desdemona and Agamemnon cast.
  • Jax is turned back into himself.
  • Philip begins to crave the kangaroo.
  • Desdemona figures out that Philip is zombie from a video game.
  • Mia repeatedly insults Maddie, which makes Diego accept her challenge.
  • Katie offers to help Gigi with her memory car problem by setting up a meeting with Black Hawk.
  • Emma decides to turn Phillip human for Andi.
  • Jax lets Phillip stay at his house.
  • Jax has a flashback of a conversation with Agamemnon as a kangaroo.
  • Mia eavesdrops on Katie and Gigi's conversation about the memory card.


Daniel: You really think that Kangaroo could be a person?
Emma: What makes more sense than (faces Andi) someone brought him for show and tell.
Daniel: This is Jax written all over it.
Emma (defensive): No! He wouldn't.
Andi: Kangaroos are Australian. Wouldn't it be funny is the kangaroo IS Jax?
Philip: Philip, hungry. Kangaroo.
Andi: No Philip. Kangaroos are not food. (to Emma & Daniel) We need to get him some pizza ASAP!
Maddie (walking in, to Diego): Proxy, there you are! Did you hear about the announcement? I was so worried the kangaroo was gonna get you. (they hug)
Mia: He's just fine.
Maddie: What are you doing here?
Mia: Just having a little chat, kanay to kanay. Or in this case, kanay to, kinda-sorta kanay.
Diego: Look Mia, I'm sorry about what happened to your family, but not all witches are like the Principal.
Mia: Spoken like a kanay who's under a sneaky witch's spell.
Maddie (offended): *gasps* How dare you! Our relationship is real; there is no spell.
Mia: Spoken like a sneaky witch who's trying to trick a kanay.
Diego: Mia, that's it! You can insult me but you cannot insult Maddie!
Mia: You're a lost cause, and there's only one thing to do with a lost cause kanay. (does the kanay duel dance)
Diego (confused): What was that?
Mia: A kanay duel dance. You seriously need to brush up on your kanay history.
Diego: Duel? I don't want to do duel you.

Mia: Too bad. Once the gauntlet is thrown, you can't back out.

Maddie: Sounds like she's making this stuff up on the flu.
Mia (aggravated): It's on the fly! Seriously, (to Diego) you could do a lot better.
Agamemnon (after Emma's attempt to turn Jax back fails): You see, it's no use. We'll have to wait for Desdemona to return.
Lily: I'm sorry Emma, but we'll make sure Jax is safe until then.
Agamemnon: Honestly, I worry about where your priorities lie, Ms. Alonso. The realm is under attack, from a rebel kanay, and this is what you choose to spend your time worrying about.
Emma: Of course I care about the realm! But my family and friends will ALWAYS come first.
Agamemnon: Well, that's a weakness you'll have to work on.
Emma: NO, that's a strength I'll never give up.
Katie: Psst!
Gigi: What?
Katie: Don't look at me; keep working. (Gigi complies) It's all set up. Black Hawk has agreed to help.
Gigi: It's Andi, isn't it?
Katie: No!
Gigi: How do you know? Do you know who it is?
Katie: No, but it's not Andi. There's no way she's smarter than me.
Gigi: Whatever you say (tries to take the paper but Katie stops her) Are you gonna give me the 411 or not?
Katie: Yes, but first, I need to make sure you won't tell anyone.
Gigi: Really? You want ME to keep a secret!
Katie: You're right, I guess I was wrong. I don't know what I was thinking...
Gigi: I can't wait to meet Blackhawk.
Katie: YOU CAN'T! She likes to keep her identity private. If she sees you at the dropoff, she'll leave.


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