This would be so sad if it wasn't so amusing.
~ Jax

“Daniel Who?”
Season 2, Episode 6
Air Date

July 14, 2014

Production code



Catharina Ledeboer & Gloria Shen


Clayton Boen

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The Fool Moon


No Can Do

Daniel Who? is the 6th episode of Season 2, and of Every Witch Way.


Emma and Jax accidentally wipe out Daniel's entire memory after he sees Emma casting a spell. Diego tries to win Maddie's forgiveness; Desdemona tries to get Emma to lose her powers.



  • Emma and Jax Novoa accidentally erase Daniel's memory.
  • Emma fixes Daniel's memory with a spell given to her by Desdemona.
  • Desdemona reveals her evil plot to destroy the Magic Realm to Ramona.
  • Emma and Daniel almost kiss in this episode. (Following the previous episode).
  • Katie and Sophie give Diego a list of things Maddie likes, but disagree most of the time.
  • Jax begs Emma not to tell the council about the memory loss.
  • Jax makes Daniel think he is a shy, German bookworm that has a hard time talking to girls.
  • Gigi catches Daniel acting strange on camera.
  • Jax blows up Gigi's phone when she tries to contact Daniel's mom.
  • Katie and Sophie get jealous that Diego is taking Maddie away from them.
  • Lily tells Emma to consider leaving Daniel the way he is so the Council won't take her powers.
  • It is revealed that the regular Desdemona somehow sent Ramona to Limbo.


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Desdemona (opening Emma's locker): Oh! What is this witch deterrent? AHH! (pauses) Oh, I'm fine, I'm fine. Clever little witch booby-trapped her locker. Now, how am I gonna get rid of you? (sees picture of her and Daniel) Ah, yes; classic. 'Witch meets boy, witch loses her powers' story.
Diego: Fixed the faucet, I think. Will you tell me now?
Sophie: Hmmm...things that Maddie likes...
Katie: Hmm...
Katie: Okay, okay! She loves dark chocolate but she hates white chocolate.
Sophie: No, she loves white chocolate. She HATES dark chocolate. She also loves romantic comedies.
Katie: No, she loves horror movies. (as time rolls on) Fluffy goose-feathered blankets.
Sophie: No, fluffy cotton blankets. She's allergic to goose feathers.
Katie: No, she's allergic to geese. Cotton irritates her skin. (more time passes) Dogs.
Sophie: Unicorns.
Katie: Large animals with wings freak her out. (even more time passes) Well, did you get all that?
Diego (flipping through his notepad): Sort-of?
Daniel (in German accent): What do you mean you have no sauerkraut? (Diego and others laugh at him)
Diego: That's so funny. Do a British accent now.
Daniel: I will do no such thing! (more people laugh) Why are you laughing?
Jax (pointing at Daniel): There!
Emma (running to him): Danny, there you are!
Andi: In the cafeteria. At lunch time. Who would've thought of that?
Diego: Emma, you gotta hear Daniel's new accent. It's better than his Italian one.
Daniel: I am a German! Not the Italian!


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