Cristal de Caballero
Emma wearing a piece of the Crystal

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El Cristal de Caballero is a magic crystal that can make a witch's powers go haywire. It can also bind witches and wizards together. If fused together with the third piece of the crystal, it will release them. It can not be taken off without the last piece and any witch or wizard around them will interfere with their powers, except for Emma since she is The Chosen One.  


  • The name Cristal de Caballero is Spanish for Crystal of Knight.
  • The Cristal de Caballero once belonged to Mia's deceased father.
  • Mia kept the crystal in the season finale.
  • The Principal smashed the crystal into three pieces.
  • Jax and Andi found the third piece in the principal's office.
  • The crystal can completely weaken the witches.
  • Mia told Daniel to give it to Emma.
  • She told Katie to give it to Maddie.
  • Emma is stronger than the Cristal de Caballero.
  • Emma used it to turn Philip into a human.
  • It can bind witches and wizards together.
  • Unlike other witches and wizards, Emma can use the crystal to enhance her powers as she is the chosen one.


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