A Continuum Break only happens to Chosen One's as they're the only ones powerful enough to alter reality. When
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The Continuum Break ending

Emma chose Jax in the Season 3 finale, Daniel got sent to an Alternate Life. Continuum Breaks are very rare and is studied at the academy.

It was revealed in A World Without You, that it is too dangerous to bring someone back that was affected by the Continuum Break and that no one has ever succeeded. They would have to find the person and bring them back to the current life, that was once remembered. Once the Continuum is broken again, there is only five days to get the person to remember their old life or else they will be gone forever. Only one Continuum break was documented when the Chosen One in the early 90's triggered a CB and her husband was "bumped" to an Alternate Life as an Eskimo in Siberia. The Witches' Council tried to help, but they failed. In The Final Countdown, the CB broke and Daniel remembers his old life. 


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