The Conjurepedia is a book that Liana put in Jake's study for Emma to find. After Andi convinced the hex not to help Emma reverse time, she needed a new book so Liana helped her find the Conjurepedia. After taking it home it automatically flips open to the page of the Tambian Orb. Emma tries to use it to reverse time but she's not powerful enough. The next day she has Maddie read a spell out of it which will give Emma her powers. Later Emma is looking for a way to lure Jake Novoa to her and Jax and mentions pages on Changing Weather Patterns and Mind Control. Then they find a page about bringing back disgraced witches. She uses the spell to bring the principal back and steal her powers. After the finale Emma keeps the book when she lets Andi take the Hexoren to WITS Academy The conjurepedia is never seen again until the episode of WITS Academy My Buddy From Orlando (Emma brings it to see if she can find info on the dyad tree).

Notable PagesEdit

  • Tambian Orb (Temporo Makenation and Modification)
  • Changing Weather Patterns
  • Mind control
  • Bring Back The Disgraced
  • Transfer Powers



Fanmade Conjurepdia/HexorensEdit

Some users have made their own Conjurepedias and Hexorens. Here are some photos of one persons Conjurepedia so far

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