Emma cloning herself
Name Cloning
Usage To create a duplicate of yourself
User(s) Jax Novoa
Emma Alonso
Evil Emma
First Appeard Outta Hand
Last Appeared Monkey Face Emoji
Cloning is an illegal spell first used by Jax and then taught to by Emma. The spell is used to create a duplicate of yourself. The spell is hard to come across but Jax said he found the spell in one of his dad's old books. This spell was used numerous times but for the wrong reasons which is why the Witches' Council made it illegal. In Season 4, Jax uses the spell to help run the house while home alone. In Monkey Face Emoji, he uses it to sneak out and see his mother.


  • If caught using this spell, the Witches' Council can take away witches' and wizards' powers.
  • Cloning can cause bad side effects such as clones creating more clones.
  • Clones themselves can turn evil or betray one another which is why the spell can be safe try at home.
  • Clones can make more clones.


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