The Chosen One is an extremely powerful witch; actually the most powerful of them all. The Chosen One is identified by a star-shaped birthmark somewhere on their body. A regular witch can steal the Chosen One's powers during a Lunar Eclipse. The Chosen One is apparently able to give non-witches powers as Ursula said that once Maddie was the Chosen One, she will give her powers and Emma promised to give her powers. In Season 1, the Principal wanted to steal the Chosen One's powers but was defeated by Emma and Maddie. The Chosen One gets to keep her position at the top for at least 300 years, according to what Ursula. Desdemona stated that the Chosen One is immune to love spells. Agamemnon said The Chosen One guards the last light of the Fool Moon so no Witch, Wizard or Kanay can be the most powerful living being and destroy the Magic Realm. A Chosen One's powers grow stronger and stronger, and as they become more powerful, no one will be able to take their powers.
Star-shaped birthmark of the Chosen One

Emma's star-shaped birthmark

The Chosen One is able to warp reality, but it comes with a price: a Continuum Break could occur. This makes it easy to identify who started the break, since the Chosen One is the only person who can warp reality.  A Chosen One is also able to cast the forbidden spells, but at a price: it could change them forever.

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