Emmaria is Paring Between of  Emma Alonso and Maria Alonso the characters of Every witch way.

History: Season 1 

Discovery Emma find out that she is a witch,she found the Hecoren was used Belong to Her Mother.

She passed away after Emma was Born 

The big Chill Lily mentioned about Emma's mother was a witch and could possibly the chosen one.

Mac-Sic-Cle Since Emma's Room when Maddie and Katie try Find and steal the Hexoren ,Katie walk to Emma's Bed seen Photo of her Mother and she pick it up ,she said that her Mom Look Pretty.

Season 2 

Runaway Witch The Witches Council knew Emma's mother Twenty years ago According to Desdemona That's Emma is Stubborn Just like her Mother.

Desdemona mentioned her in the Fool Moon they were Good Friends and She Helped her with a Tough Fool Moon.

Daniel Who Evil Desdemona Tell Emma that her Mother Give up her powers for True love and she will never Regret it missing her powers,she also said that her and Francisco was Good Couple.

Emma vs Emma evil Desdemona Mentioned to Evil Emma that Emma's mother arm Stronger her twenty years ago it's Possible that she gets her powers for befits moments take down Evil Desdamona once and For all.

Season 4 

Van pelt Reunion 

Emma started Getting Jealous of Jax Because  he have his mother back so she find out more information about her Mother

She confronted her Father Francesco that why they Never Don't talk about her and Telling him there anymore Photos of mother

After Emma came back from Jax Francesco was very Worried about her,Emma Told him that she was Wrong get angry with him she was just Lost and Confused about she Dealings with her life

Francesco shows Emma her Mother old Scrapbook There Alot pictures of her mother beside Emma as a child.

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