You froze time accidentally? Taking down the Chosen One is gonna be easier than I thought.
~ Mia, talking to herself about Emma

“Beachside 7”
Season 3, Episode 1
Air Date

January 5, 2015

Production code



Catharina Ledeboer


Clayton Boen

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Emma vs. Emma
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Rebel Emma

Beachside 7[1][2] is the premiere of Season 3, and the 1st episode of Season 3.


Emma accidentally freezes time and does not know how to fix it; a mysterious, new girl arrives in Miami.



  • This episode is the first episode in Season 3.
  • Emma accidentally freezes time and doesn't know how to fix it.
  • This episode includes a new character (Mia).
  • It is known in this episode that Mia will try to take down the Chosen One (Emma).
  • In one brief shot where Maddie is telling Emma and Diego that they're not frozen in time because they're witches and kanays, Mia is seen. But earlier, Mia had already left her seat and she was only pretending to be frozen.
  • When Mia is talking to a frozen Daniel, his head is facing straight ahead. But before Mia turns him, his head is looking slightly down and to the right.
  • Emma starts working at The Beachside 7 and Daniel becomes a lifeguard.
  • Diego and Gigi also works at The Beachside 7 along with Emma.
  • It's Francisco's birthday.
  • Emma is throwing a surprise birthday party for her dad.
  • Jax only had a cameo in this episode as he was training at Rebel's Boot Camp.
  • In this episode we learn that the council accepts Emma and Daniel dating and that Jax was sent to boot camp.
  • H2O had a brief cameo in this episode.
  • Desdemona is back to normal and still in the Witches' Council alongside Agamemnon and Lily.
  • Desdemona broke the fourth wall by saying "We don't want another episode like that evil ex-chosen one", referring to The Chosen One.
  • Emma gets framed in this episode for using powers in public by Mia.
  • Maddie still pronounces the Hexoren's name wrong.


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Emma: Diego? Hexie? Stop it! (Hex floats down to Emma's hands)What's going on?
Maddie: That thing, bit my nose!
Emma: I'm sorry, he must've just been startled.
Diego: I'm sure it's fine okay? Let me see. (Maddie shows them her nose, which is very red)
Diego: OH!
Maddie: What?
Emma: WOAH! Bad Hexie!
Diego: It's fine it's fine it's just a, um pink! Right! (eyeing Emma)
Emma: Yeah, yeah! Can't even tell. The swelling totally going clown, I mean down!(Maddie shrieks)
Daniel: You feeling better?
Mia: Like a brand new girl!
Diego: So what were you doing?
Mia: I'm a lifeguard over at Whitesurf. I saw a watercraft drifting and swam over to get it. I was driving it back when something happened and it got disoriented.
Daniel: It happens. The sun, it can get to you. Like last week, it was so hot, Diego walked home in the wrong direction.
Diego: It was hot, ok! The humidity was 99 percent thick.
Daniel : He was half way to Key West before he realized.
Mia: No, this was different. It almost felt like magic.
Daniel (nervously laughing): What? That's crazy
Diego (also nervously laughing): That's whack.
Mia: Yea, you're right. It was probably nothing.
Daniel and Diego: Uh,I-we gotta, go.