We could never forget your birthday!

“Beach Birthday Bash”
Season 2, Episode 18
Beach Birthday Bash Bonfire pic 1 Jemma's next to each other
Air Date

July 31, 2014

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Catharina Ledeboer


Clayton Boen

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About a Wizard


Zombie Boyfriend

Beach Birthday Bash is the 18th episode of Season 2, and of Every Witch Way.


Desdemona casts a spell on Daniel at Katie's party and all the girls go crazy for him; the T3 constructs their biggest prank, but cannot decide on the victim; Lily is suspicious of Desdemona, and goes to the council about her.



  • It is revealed that Andi has a zombie boyfriend.
  • To save Andi's zombie boyfriend, Emma casts a spell to transport him out of the game.
  • Daniel is shown to be the jealous type.
  • Emma still has feelings for Daniel.
  • Daniel and Emma were looking at each other when the fireworks came.
  • Jax seemed jealous of Emma and Daniel's hug.
  • Emma broke the spell on Daniel.
  • Diego is shown to care a lot about Maddie in this episode.
  • Katie returns to being a Panther when Maddie and Sophie throw her a surprise party.
  • Desdemona casts a spell on Daniel to make him irresistible to every girl on the beach.
  • When Daniel first tells Emma about the girls chasing him, she thinks he is trying to make her jealous.
  • Daniel and Emma still like one another.
  • We learn in this episode that the Chosen One is immune to love spells.
  • Katie does Ursula's makeup, which makes her look goth.


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Emma: I'm gonna go grab us some drinks. (pointing at Jax and Andi) You two, BEHAVE. (she walks away, and Andi and Jax look at each other menacingly)
Andi: You don't fool me.
Jax: I'm not trying to fool you.
Andi: Yeah, but you're trying to fool Emma. This whole powerless wizard charade.
Jax: But I am a powerless wizard. Where I come from, that's called a 'fact.'
Andi: Look, Emma might buy your little routine, but I'm her best friend and an official guardian and I don't buy it.
Jax (sighing and standing): You know what the first thing I'm gonna do when I get my powers back? Turn you into a fish and throw you into the ocean.
Andi (standing up): Oh yeah, I dare you-(pauses, thinks about it) actually, that could be pretty cool; what kind of fish? (he rolls his eyes and walks away)
Maddie (still under the love spell): I'm gonna go find Daniel.
Diego: Listen, Maddie. I don't know what's going on even thought it seems like some magic-related fiasco that's making you crazier than usual-
Maddie: It's true love that knows no bounds!
Diego: This isn't about you and Daniel. It's about Katie. She's your best friend.
Maddie: I'm sorry Diego, but Daniel and I are just meant to be.
Diego: Listen, Maddie, I don't know what spell your under, but, there's no spell stronger than friendship. (Maddie snaps out of the love trance) Katie is, and always will be your best friend. She needs you.
Maddie: You're right. We have to go get her. C'mon Soph, let's go we have to go get Katie.
Sophie: But I think I just caught Daniel's scent! (Maddie drags her with her)
Daniel (a little scared as Emma approaches him): Emma?
Emma: Yeah?
Daniel (elated): You're not in love with me!
Emma (sarcastically): Gee, don't sound so excited about it.
Daniel: No, that's not what I meant. What I mean is, all these girls are after me.
Emma (sighing): If you're trying to make me jealous, it's not gonna-
Daniel (frightened): No. I don't know what's going on. Maddie, Sophie, Gigi, Andi, that weird girl from physics class, the random girl working the snack bar, they're all chasing me!
Emma: What?
Daniel: It's like, somebody put a spell on me.
Emma (realizing): OH! That's why those girls were wearing Team Daniel shirts.
Daniel (even more freaked out): They have shirts?!


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