How dare you call Desdemona 'Captain Creepy Pants'!

“Back to Square One”
Season 4, Episode 13
Air Date

July 22, 2015

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Catharina Ledeboer


Clayton Boen

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Power in a Bottle

Back to Square One is the 13th episode of Season 4, and of Every Witch Way.


Emma considers going back in time to save her mother; Daniel wants to return to the Everglades; Jake and Jessie go into hiding.



  • Liana asks for photos of Jax, wanting to catch up with him and see how he has grown.
  • Emma reveals to Jax her wish to go back in time and alter the universe forever.
  • Jax tells Emma it's not right and too dangerous for her to alter the universe and go back in time.
  • Andi and Daniel get ready to meet the Council.
  • Liana sees a photo of Jax and E and believes her to be Emma.
  • Emma and Jax keep E a secret from Liana.
  • Liana takes one of Emma's photos of E and Jax.
  • Daniel reveals to the Council his desire to go back to the Everglades.
  • The Council reveal they are unable to send him back to his alternate life.
  • Emma interrupts the meeting and confronts the Council about turning back time.
  • Liana and Jax will be staying with Ursula and Maddie for protection from Jake.
  • Jax goes back to his house to check on Jessie and convince her to come with him and Liana.
  • Emma learns there is a way to turn back in time.
  • Ursula informs Liana of her confrontation with Jake.
  • Ursula demands an apology from Jax for threatening to turn her into a ice statue.
  • Lily believes she can get through to Emma.
  • Desdemona and Agamemnon see that Emma has become too dangerous and decide to strip her of her powers.
  • Desdemona and Agamemnon reveal to have found a spell that can strip Emma's powers forever, but only if Lily agrees to help them.
  • Daniel reveals to Emma he doesn't belong in Miami and instead belongs back in the Everglades.
  • Jax discovers that Jake has taken Jessie to an unknown location.
  • Jessie and Jake are revealed to be in Australia.
  • Jessie wants to know why they left Miami, but Jake reveals it's because of her mother and that she can't trust her.
  • Emma begins to abuse her magic.
    • She makes her bed.
    • She changes into her school clothes
    • She makes breakfast for herself and Andi.
    • They go to school in a go cart (off-screen).
    • She and Andi transport to the pool.
    • She changes Andi's school uniform twice.
  • Lily asks Andi to help her stop Emma from abusing her magic, because someone will get hurt.
  • Emma stops and resumes time and causes trouble, even drawing a moustache on Maddie.
  • Andi realizes Emma is growing reckless and abusing her magic.
  • The Council confront Emma over abusing her magic.
  • The Council have decided to take away Emma's powers.
  • Gigi, Mia, Katie and Sophie were all absent in this episode.
  • Only five of the main cast are present, Emma, Andi, Jax, Maddie and Diego.


The image gallery for Back to Square One may be viewed here.


Liana (after seeing pictures of her clone): Wait. Wow, Emma, you look really edgy.
Emma: I think we were supposed to be doing edgy faces.
Liana: You look intense. There's a darkness behind those eyes.
Emma (a little worried): Darkness?
Liana: Your eye shadow. It's much darker than what you've got on now.
Emma: Oh, my eye shadow. Sure! I was doing a whole-
Jax (trying to help, eyeing Emma): Biker thing.
Emma: Exactly *grits her teeth and eyes him back* Biker, yep. *he gives her an 'it's all I could think of' shrug*
Ursula (after seeing Liana knock): Liana! You decided to- *expression drops when she sees Jax* bring him.
Liana: Can I come in?
Ursula : Have a seat. (sarcastically) So what's new? *gasps* Did I tell you I ran into your hubby yesterday? Lovely man! He tried to make my daughter disappear. *she sat down, bitter* Who'd like some tea?
Liana: My husband's actually why I'm here. I was hoping while I'm in Miami I could stay here, under your protection?
Ursula: I think somebody owes me an apology.
Liana: Oh, you're right. I'm so sorry I dragged you into this and put your daughter in danger. It was-
Ursula (cutting her off): Not you. *points to Jax* Him.
Jax (bewildered): Me?
Ursula: You threatened to turn me into an ice sculpture!
Liana: But, for the record, you would make a beautiful sculpture.
Ursula: Aww, that is so sweet of you to say, thank you! (to Jax) Now, out with it!
Jax: No, no way! I have nothing to be sorry for. *Liana nudges him*
Emma (seeing Daniel): Hi there.
Daniel: Sup.
Emma: Don't let me disturb you. I was just in the market for a quiet place to think.
Daniel: Ditto.
Emma: I'll just go, you were here first. *begins to leave*
Daniel: Did the say anything? *Emma turns around* The Council.
Emma: Well, they definitely don't want me messing with time anymore. But that doesn't mean I won't try. Who are they to tell me how I can use my magic? I'm the Chosen One. *pause* Do you really want to go back to the Everglades?
Daniel: Is that so hard to believe? I just-when I remembered my Miami life, these flood of emotions came rushing back, but something felt off, like I didn't belong. Now I know why, because I don't. I belong there.



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