Daniel's sick?
~ Mia

“Back to Back”
Season 3, Episode 9
Air Date

January 15, 2015

Production code



Catharina Ledeboer & Charlotte Owen


Clayton Boen

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Spider No More


El Cristal de Caballero

Back to Back[1] is the 9th episode of Season 3, and of Every Witch Way.


A mysterious crystal magically binds Emma and Maddie together; Daniel becomes ill; the H2O pull a prank.



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  • When Daniel teases Jax again, he cast a spell on him that would alllow Daniel to leave his house.
  • Andi and Jax discover that the spider mark is still on Daniel.
  • Emma tries to confront Mia about Daniel.
  • Daniel gives Emma a part of the cristal, while Katie gives Maddie the other, causing Emma and Maddie to bind together.
  • The spider seal is making Daniel weak.
  • Mia puts on perfume so her scent can't be tracked.
  • Jax intentionally gets Andi detention.
  • The H20 prank Mr. Alonso.
  • It is revealed that the seal make witches and humans weak.
  • Emma interrupted a kiss between Maddie and Diego.
  • Ursula saw Maddie and Emma's bondage as a way to spend more time with Francisco.
  • Gig was absent in this episode.


Lily (looking at Emma through spell-o-vision goggles): No spell residue.
Maddie: You have to help us! My popularity goes down with every siting of us together.
Emma (sarcastically): Yeah, cause that's the worse part of this.
Lily: Open. (Emma opens her mouth) it's clear. Good dental hygiene by the way.
Agamemnon: Let us back track. Emma, what happened just before you transported to Maddie's?
Emma: I was with Daniel. We were at the dock, and then-
Jax (butting in): And then he gave you that ugly necklace.
Emma: How do you know about that? Were you spying on us?
Jax: No, I was just, I was just protecting you.
Maddie (fake laughing): Doing a good job of it too.
Jax (when Andi comes to sit with him): Sure you want to sit with the enemy? Aren't you afraid that I'm going to poison your food?
Andi: Well, can't get any more toxic than this (referring to the lunch) Look Jax, um, I believe you. Even though you can be wicked, shameless-
Jax: Okay, I got it.
Andi (continuing): This annoying egotistical-
Jax (interjecting): Get to the point.
Andi: I'm getting there. Look, I don't think it's a spell that's making Daniel sick.
Jax: Then what is it?
Andi: Well, I'm just not buying that he's cured of the spider seal. The Council said that witches couldn't do it, and that was too easy!
Jax: You do have a point.
Andi: I think we should make sure that the spider seal's gone. We just have to get Daniel alone.


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