Axel Vélez
Full Name

Axel Vélez


Axy (by Evil Grachi



Resides In

The Last Light


Student (formerly)


Balboa Magic Academy


Amaya Vélez


Grachi Alonso (ex-girlfriend)



Portrayed By

Danilo Carrera

Axel Velez, played by Danilo Carrera. A Season 3 co-antagonist. He is a good witch, but very rebellious and a manipulator who likes to get into trouble and make jokes with his best friend Manu. He is afraid of clowns since, according to him, it is a phobia. Grachi meets him in the School of Wizards, as he made jokes Mecha, Daniel and Diego, to change the polarity of the room where they were. He falls for her, but make every effort to conceal and treat her coldly. It is revealed in one episode that was last boyfriend of Mia but made her ​​expelled from the EDB as Axel began to feel jealous of the powers of Mine. It is part of the swim team at your school, called "The Scorpions", and does it very well, as he beat Daniel in one of his skills. Balboa assists with Manu and Amaya. Manu and his sister Amaya, always try Axel admits that he loves Grachi, but never fail, and he denies everything. The plan is to befriend Axel Grachi and gain their confidence, to keep their powers and according to him be "The New One". However, this is not to lose its image as a "bad boy" and starts to really fall in love with Grachi. Although a very apathetic and annoying witch, really not bad. Chapter 30 Axel travels with Grachi to 1988 first to escape the laboratory Leo and second to restore the prototype to his father Daniel had taken inadvertently in the previous trip he had with Grachi. Leo sends along Grachi to 1888 and spent six months with her. After returning from 1888 to the present, he and Grachi boyfriends do. He destroyed Valeria thinking she had hurt her sister purpose, provoking angry Grachi Amaya. He steals the book that contains information about "The Chosen" but hides it from Grachi when Grachi learns angry with him and end but Axel is willing to help the evil clone Grachi to let her be the crowned the new leader of Warlocks also destroy all humans and send the real Grachi the past again. His ambition for power led him to evil and even makes his own sister, Amaya, a rabbit. In the final battle kidnaps Daniel and helps poor Grachi but is sent to 1888 forever because Daniel gave him the necklace meteorite. Grachi then mentioned that Axel is having well in 1888 and even now goes into the history books as a writer of novels was made. His powers are reddish orange color identified by volcanic lava.


  • He is the Latin American Counterpart of Jax Novoa.