Animal Transformation
Aggie turning Jax into a dog
Name Animal Transformation
Usage The ability to transform people into animals
User(s) Emma Alonso
Jax Novoa
Maddie Van Pelt
Jake Novoa
First Appeard The Big Rescue
Last Appeared Monkey Face Emoji
Wizards and Witches can transform humans and themselves into animals. For example, in Season 1, Emma turned Andi into a goat. In Season 2, Jax turned into a spider to spy on Emma. Jax also turned into a dog to scare Emma. Maddie also turned a dog into a boy for Katie. Maddie also turned a chameleon into Beau. In Season 3, Agamemnon turned Jax into a dog to scare Emma and Emma into a parrot to scare Jax. Jax accidentally turned Andi into a turtle. Jax turned himself into a dog to find Andi. The Witches' Council turned Jax into a kangaroo. In Season 4 Jake Novoa turned himself into a mouse to spy on Jessie and Jax.


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