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“Always You”
Season 3, Episode 3
Air Date

January 7, 2015

Production code



Catharina Ledeboer & Charlotte Owen


Clayton Boen

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Rebel Emma


Breaking All the Rules

Always You[1] is the 3rd episode of Season 3, and of Every Witch Way.


Emma discovers Mia flirting with Daniel and becomes jealous; Andi is determined to become the first human Guardian and Emma promises to take her to the council, despite Jax's warning; Diego learns more about being a Kanay. Daniel invites Emma on a date at the 7 where he sings her a song he wrote "Always You".



  • Agamemnon can't take Emma's powers away because they are too strong.
  • Upon not being able to take Emma's powers, Jax taunts Agamemnon, so Agamemnon takes away Jax's powers for a short period of time.
  • Emma gets jealous of Daniel and Mia hanging out.
  • Diego learns more about the markings that Kanays have on their arms and their basic powers (plus how they smell to witches).
  • Jax gets quill-like things put on his face as punishment for continuing to taunt Agamemnon about not being able to take Emma's powers, so Emma has to help him fix it.
  • The T3 do research on H2O, and see that they have done some over-the-top pranks.
  • At the end of the episode, Emma and Andi go into the realm to try to get Andi a spot as a guardian, while Hex and Jax are seen chasing after them, Jax tells them not to do it.
  • Mia shape shifts into Andi.
  • Emma gets let out of Boot Camp.
  • Daniel sings a song to Emma while playing the guitar called "it's Always You".
  • Gigi was absent in this episode


The image gallery for Always You may be viewed here.


Desdemona (flashing in): I'm here. What do you need?
Lily: You're still at the beach? It's night time.
Desdemona: Not in Dubai. So, what is so important that I am missing my paddleboard lesson?
Agamemnon: It's the Chosen One.
Lily: Uncle Pete's sake just say it! Agamemnon tried to take Emma's powers, and couldn't.
Desdemona: We knew this day would come.
Agamemnon: But so soon?
Desdemona: She's destined to be the most powerful witch alive, it was bound to happen!
Lily: I don't see why this is a problem.
Agamemnon: Because, untrained Chosen Ones can go awry. Do you know how difficult it was to take the Principal's powers?
Lily: Emma's NOTHING like the Principal; she has a good heart.
Desdemona: But she is still a teenage girl.
Agamemnon: Great. The future of the realm is at the wim of the Chosen One's hormones.
Diego (looking at a kanay book): Whoa, check this out!
Maddie: Is that a tattoo?
Diego: No, it''s a kanay marking. Cool, huh? It's a spider!
Maddie: Do you have one?
Diego: I don't know. Let's see! (shows his kanay markings on his arms)
Maddie (sighing): That never gets old. (checking his arms) Um, nope. You don't have any like that. Yours are totally awesome! See, we're learning something new about kanays! They have different markings.
Diego: Makes sense but, what does the spider mean?
Maddie: Maybe it's, like a tribe thing? Like each group has a different set of markings!
Daniel (going after Emma): Emma, wait! Let me explain. We were just goofing around.
Emma: I know.
Daniel: I'm sorry.
Emma: It's okay, I'm just being extra sensitive. I didn't like seeing you like that....with another girl.
Daniel: Covered in ice cream?
Emma: Yes.
Daniel (smiling at realization): You're jealous!
Emma (defensive): Maybe! Don't enjoy it too much; I can still turn you into a marlin and release you into the wild.


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