Alternate Life is a place which differs to reality. Only Chosen Ones can alter reality and unknowingly send people to alternate lives during a Continuum Break.


A peaceful place in the Everglades with many animals and wetlands.


Daniel's alternate life


  • Daniel was sent to an alternate life, in Season 4.
  • In his alternate life, Daniel has a pet snake.
  • Daniel's family is in the atlernate life, but for some reason Mia and her family are also in the alternate life.
  • Mia's parents are alive.
  • The T3 are good and make traps to capture injured animals to cure them.
  • Daniel is a vegetarian and cares a lot about animals.
  • Daniel and Mia are dating.
  • The alternate life is in the Everglades.
  • Daniel remembers his life here but Mia doesn't.
  • Daniel wants to go back to the Everglades.
  • In his alternate life, Daniel is more laid back.
  • In his alternate life, Mia is nice and loves taking care of animals.
  • In the alternate life, the T3 are the polar opposite to when they live in Miami, an example is they hate pranks.
  • In the alternate life, Daniel loves spiders.
  • In the alternate life, Daniel is a dancer instead of a swimmer, revealed in A Tale of Two Lives.

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