And I gave up my powers to save hers.
~ Jax to Daniel

“About a Wizard”
Season 2, Episode 17
Air Date

July 30, 2014

Production code



Catharina Ledeboer & Gloria Shen


Clayton Boen

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Beach Birthday Bash

About a Wizard is the 17th episode of Season 2, and of Every Witch Way.


Jax lies to the council about the clones and gives up his powers for Emma; Evil Desdemona wants to get Emma and Daniel back together; Maddie, Diego, and Sophie plan a surprise party for Katie.



  • Jax and Emma kiss in this episode, after Jax sacrifices his powers for Emma and they become a couple.
  • The T3 finds out Daniel broke up with Emma, when they thought Emma broke up with Daniel, so they add Daniel to the ultimate prank list as revenge.
  • Daniel reveals that he saw Jax & Emma kissing.
  • The T3 plan to prank Jax or Daniel but can't decide.
  • Maddie, Diego, and Sophie plan a surprise party for Katie.
  • This is the third time people have kissed in Season 2.
  • Katie believes Maddie and Sophie don't want to be her friends anymore.
  • Daniel finds out Jax lost his powers to save Emma's.
  • Daniel vows to get Emma back.
  • Daniel and Jax end up physically fighting over Emma, again.


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Agamemnon (to Lily): I cannot believe this. We are supposed to protect the Chosen One, and here you are, comforting her, as if what she did way okay.
Emma (walking in): You wanted to see me?
Desdemona: Ah yes, there you are.
Jax (walking in): I'm here. You wanted to talk about the play.
Emma (confused): Jax?
Jax (looking up from his phone): Hey, you tricked me into coming to a Council meeting.
Desdemona: Oh, just giving you a taste of you own trick-style medicine.
Lily: Emma I'm sorry, they found out on their own.
Emma: Found out what?
Agamemnon: It seems that the two of you have been multiplying.
Jax (nervously laughing): Yeah, s-since the third grade.
Emma (chiming in): Since birth; my dad's a math teacher.
Desdemona: Cute. The Chosen One made a joke. Nice try.
Maddie: I made a to-do list for Katie's surprise party. Every item has a name next to it and its due date!
Diego (looking at list): Wait, your name isn't on here. What are you doing?
Maddie: The most difficult to do of all; supervising!
Sophie (gushing): She's great at it. She won the bossiest toddler award in preschool, and bossiest first grader, bossiest second grader-
Diego (interrupting): And let me guess, bossiest third grader?
Sophie: Actually, no, Katie won that year. But the voting was totally rigged!
Maddie: Now, Proxy, you have the second biggest job-guest list.
Diego: Got it. Uh, who are Katie's friends?
Maddie (scoffing) & Sophie (cheerfully): Us!
Diego: And? *they are silent* Seriously? You guys need to make more friends!
Maddie (to Sophie): Write that down as a gift idea; 'Katie needs more friends.'
Diego: You don't gift people new friends. You make new friends by spending time with people and getting to know them.
Maddie (fake yawning): B-O-R-I-N-G.
Diego *taking Sophie's notebook*: Give me this! *he throws the paper at the garbage and it lands on the floor*
Andi (entering the nurse's office): Oh hey Lily, I wasn't expecting you. Did you make an appointment?
Lily (looking through Andi's stuff): What is all this?
Andi (seeing the gadget in Lily's hand: Oh, that's part of the turbine I'm building for Hex! You know, to give him some extra umph!
Lily: Where are all my things?
Andi: It's around here...or in a box in my basement.
Lily (upset): What?!
Andi: Nothing! *changing the subject* Is something wrong? You have that crease between your eyebrows you get when you're nervous.
Lily (defensive): I don't get a crease. *touches her forehead* Oh, maybe I do. I got a bad feeling Andi. Desdemona seems determined to take Emma's powers, a little too determined.
Andi: Well, how can you tell? I mean it seems like Desdemona's just always crazy intense. It might just be her natural state.
Lily (not buying it): No, she's different than she used to be. Much more unstable and dangerous.


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