“A World Without You”
Season 4, Episode 1
Air Date

July 6, 2015

Production code



Catharina Ledeboer & Charlotte Owen


Clayton Boen

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A World Without You is the first episode and season premiere of Season 4 and the 67th episode of Every Witch Way.


The strange and unexpected consequences of Emma's difficult decision to choose Jax have produced a world in which everyone else seems to have completely forgotten about Daniel, although she retains all of her emotions and memories of him.



  • Everyone except for Emma loses their memories of Daniel and instead they are replaced.
    • Jax gave Emma a tour on her first day of school.
    • Emma had to choose between the Council and Jax as her Chosen One advisor and she chose Jax.
  • Philip leaves to meet the people who created him and his game.
  • This episode marks the first physical appearance of Jake Novoa.
  • The Council has decided to no longer help Emma.
  • Emma discovers that by choosing Jax over Daniel, Daniel is now currently living an alternate life, which is known as a Continuum Break. Once the Continuum is broken, Emma has five days to make Daniel remember his real life otherwise he will vanish entirely.
  • Jax and Emma share 3 kisses, one from a flashback.
  • Jax has a total of 4 clones, not counting himself.
  • Diego is an official Panther and a cheerleader.
  • The Chosen One can do spells that no one else can undo.
  • Gigi was absent in this episode.
  • Lily mentions the W.I.T.S Academy to Andi.


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Andi (seeing Diego in a cheerleading uniform): No (Diego screams) Way! (Diego covers himself in Maddie's comforter) Dude, what are you wearing?
Diego (yelling): Dude, you could knock!
Maddie: Um, excuse me. We're in the middle of practice. (to Diego) C'mon Proxy back to one, the pompom flip-flop jazz hand finale!!
Emma (walking in): Oh good, Maddie's here. And Diego. (he waves) The Panthers. Just saw Ursula down the hall. Everyone's here.
Maddie: What she talking about?
Emma: Danny's missing.
Maddie: Who?
Emma: Your ex-boyfriend. Daniel Miller!
Diego (a little envious): What?
Maddie: Don't worry Proxy. Emma's just saying that to make you jealous.
Diego: Oh, I'm not jealous. (Maddie gives him a look)
Jax: Dad! What are you doing here?
Jake: Conference ended early so I decided to come home and check up on things.
Jax: Well, uh, everything's just fine here sir.
Jake: Then why do you need clones to help you run the house?
Jax: I thought you'd be proud of me.
Jake: Proud? Of you being lazy and not learning the value of a hard day's work.
Jax (stuttering): But, I-
Jake (raising his voice): Get rid of them. NOW.
Jax: Yes sir.
Emma (after explaining what happened): And that's why we need your help.
Maddie (to Diego): Girl has lost her mind.
Emma (to Andi): I thought you said it was gonna be an 'All Sharks On Deck' meeting.
Andi: Diego and Sophie are a package deal with Katie and Maddie.
Maddie: You? And I? Dated the same person? *laughs* Yeah I don't think so. You're just trying to get me in trouble with Proxy.
Emma (confused): What?
Diego: No no no guys it's okay; I'm not mad.
Katie: Oh, you're not?
Diego: No, of course not. Not over an ex that doesn't exist. (to Maddie) Get it? An ex who doesn't exist? *they laugh*
Sophie (standing): Well, I believe you.
Emma (hopeful): You do?
Sophie: Yes! And I want a non-existent ex-boyfriend too!
Emma: I, I can't believe this.
Maddie (to Jax): I can't believe you're going along with this. I mean, she replaced you in all of her memories with some random guy.
Jax: It was a power outage, like I said.
Andi: Oh you mean like the Council, said.
Jax: I was gonna say something I was just-
Maddie (running out of patience): I don't have time for this! Panthers, let's go. (They get in formation with Diego beside Maddie, and leave)
Lily (to Emma): It's more likely you're having a power outage.
Andi: More likely that it could be something else though, right?
Lily: Well, it could be a Continuum Break.
Andi: Ooh I like the sound of that! Go on.
Lily: It only happens to Chosen Ones. They're the only ones powerful enough to alter reality, and you did.
Andi (bragging): Twice! (Emma gives her a look, and she turns away)