It's not TOO dangerous......
~ Maddie about the memory wiping spell she almost used on Gigi

“A Tale of Two Lives”
Season 4, Episode 5
Air Date

July 10, 2015

Production code



Catharina Ledeboer & Jeff Sayers


Clayton Boen

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Stuck in a Storm


Twisted Sister

A Tale of Two Lives is the 5th episode of Season 4, and of Every Witch Way.


When Emma triggers another Continuum break, Daniel and his family are put in danger.



  • Emma tells Daniel the whole truth about his real life.
  • Gigi discovers the truth about magic, but Maddie is able to erase her memories.
  • Gigi attempts to blog the discovery of magic, but is stopped by Katie and Sophie.
  • Emma still distrusts Mia.
  • Emma is able to convince Daniel to return to Miami with them to restore his memories and save his family.
  • Gigi briefly speaks Turkish.
  • Lily and Andi warn Emma that what she is doing is both dangerous and selfish.
  • Jax returns home and meets a young girl named Jessie who reveals herself to be his little sister.
  • It's revealed that Gigi had posted on her blog that Diego is now a member of the Panther's cheerleading squad.
  • Daniel brings his pet snake with him to Miami.
  • Emma is shown to still be jealous of Daniel and Mia's relationship.
  • Emma is determind to get Daniel to remember his real life.
  • Jax warns Diego about Daniel, reminding him of how he and Maddie use to be in a relationship.
  • Emma's spell to untie Daniel didn't work at least two times.
  • This is the first appearance of Jessie, Jax's long lost sister.


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Gigi (seeing Jax cast a spell): W-Wait a second. (to Jax) How did you just do that?
Jax (hesitantly): Do....what?
Gigi: Um, hello? The flying (licking Daniel's shirt) salmon?
Daniel (bewildered): How-di-What just happened?!
Andi (walking in): Guys, guys there is a simple, explanation for this. (Jax nods, agreeing, and Katie walks by with Sophie) Katie! (grabs her) Why don't you uh, tell Daniel over here why there's a candlelight dinner that appeared out of nowhere. (Katie looks at her, just as confused)
Katie (playing along): OH, right. (nervously laughs and shoots a look at Andi) It was-
Sophie (chiming in): Definitely not magic!
Katie: Um, a mind trick! See, your photoreceptors were so busy collecting visual information (Jax points, agreeing with her) that your cognitive energy caused you to see something that wasn't, really there.
Daniel (still confused): What?
Sophie (looking at Katie with admiration): Ooh, I love it when Katie speaks science.
Katie (putting it in simple terms): Sometimes, your brain sees stuff that isn't there.
Andi: Boom, there ya have it.
Jax (agreeing): Simple math.
Katie (correcting him): Uh, science.
Jax (covering up his mistake): And science.
Jax (after looking outside for him): I don't see him anywhere.
Andi: He disappeared already? (she turned to Emma) That was fast.
Emma (defensive): It was the only way! I need him to trust me enough to come back to Miami.
Andi: Is this what you do to you friends now, risk their lives, their families? This is selfish, Emma!
Lily (walking up to them): She's right.
Emma and Andi (at the same time): E: She is?

A: I am?

Lily: I'm sorry Emma, but you have no idea what you're dealing with. And the truth is, no one really knows.
Emma: I had to try! This is easy for all of you, you didn't put him here. You don't remember the life he had.
Andi: Yeah, now he's not gonna remember it or anything else because he's gonna disappear.
Jax: So this, Maddie. She's a pretty great girl, huh?
Diego: Yeah man, she's one of a kind.
Diego: Bet she gets a lot of attention from the other guys, right?
Diego: Well yeah, I mean, she's super pretty.
Jax: Well I got to hand it to you man, you're handling this whole "Daniel" thing really well so, bravo.
Diego: What Daniel thing?
Jax: Oh, just forget I even brought it up.
Diego: Oh come on, now you gotta tell me. That's teammate 101.
Jax: Well it doesn't bother you that Emma said Daniel used to date Maddie?
Diego (clearly upset hearing this): Well, it didn't bother me until you told me that! (in a lower voice) Do you think it's true?
Jax: I don't know. But if he is from our world, and he remembers everything, then there's just as much chance he'll want to date Maddie, as there is with Emma. (Diego starches his head, in shock) Look man, just keep an eye out, and if anything goes down, I got your back.
Diego: Yeah man, same.
Jax & Diego: HE'S GOT MY BACK!
Jax, Diego, and Sophie (who just joined in): WE'RE DOWN FOR A FIGHT!!
Jax: Hey! You there! (he almost casts a spell on her but she faces him and turns off the music)
Jessie (smiling): Hey yourself!
Jax: Who are you and what are you doing in my kitchen?
Jessie: You like cake? Me made a bunch! (referring to the clones) Chocolate, double chocolate, triple chocolate, vanilla...
Jax: Who ARE you, and why are my clo- (corrects himself) quintuplet brothers letting you 'hang and bake'?
Jessie: Quintuplets, don't you mean clones?
Jax (outraged): You told her?!
Jax Jr: Well, yes, but she's your-
Jessie: I'm Jessie. (Jax gives her a look) Jessie, you sister? (he looks at her, stunned)



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