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You guys are true friends; you were mad at me, but you still came together to help me when I needed it most.
~ Emma

“A Girl's Sacrifice”
Season 4, Episode 20-21
Air Date

July 30, 2015

Production code



Catharina Ledeboer


Clayton Boen

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Mommie Dearest

A Girl's Sacrifice serves as the Every Witch Way finale. Which also concludes Season 4. It is also the 20th episode of Season 4. This episode leads onto the spin off show, W.I.T.s Academy.


Emma's friends must save her when her plans go horribly wrong; Emma is forced to make several tough decisions.



  • This is a one hour special.
  • This is the series finale
  • Evil Emma makes her Season 4 debut.
  • The Principal makes her second appearance in Season 4.
  • Andi gets hurt in this episode; as she saves Emma.
  • Evil Emma and Emma team up to defeat Liana, but Evil Emma  double crosses Emma and helps Liana.
  • Emma sends Daniel back to his life in the Everglades with Mia. Nobody remembers his old life except for Emma and Andi.
  • Jessie finally gets her powers in this episode.
  • Diego decides to start looking for more Kanays with The Panthers.
  • Evil Emma returns inside Emma's body and is once again a part of her.
  • Liana is defeated and sent to Limbo.
  • Emma sends the Principal back to Limbo.
  • Ursula and Francisco kiss.
  • Jax and Emma share a final kiss in this episode.
  • Emma reconciles with everyone.
  • Maddie and the Council  get their powers back.
  • Emma and Andi check on Daniel in the Everglades and see that he is doing well.
  • Everybody comes together to say goodbye to Andi.
  • Gigi witnesses the doors to the Realm opening, but Maddie once again wipes her memory.
  • In the end, Andi goes to W.I.T.s Academy but suddenly gets trap in a water prison leaving a cliffhanger for the spinoff series (W.I.T.s Academy) which will feature again Andi and Jessie attending the school.
  • What if instead of send Daniel back his Alternative Life Emma finally meets her Mother.


Jessie (to Jax, on the phone, at the Seven): Emma's not here. Actually, no one's here.
Jax (worried): Keep looking for her. Try her house, try Andi's house, try school. Just warn her; you have to warn her.
Jessie: I don't know if I can. I'm suddenly feeling all funny, like something's off?
Jax: What's wrong?
Jessie: I don't know. It could be the ice cream I had for dinner last night, or the ice cream I had for dessert, or the ice cream I had for my second dessert.
Jax: Jessie, listen to me. I need you, Emma needs you. There's no one I trust more with this. You might be her only hope.
Jessie: You're right. Funny feeling or no funny feeling, I'm on it; I won't let you down Jax.
Daniel (checking his phone): That's weird.
Diego: What is it?
Daniel: It's Andi. She texted me. Definitely not English. It says 'Hoxin missi trugle'
Katie (looking at the text): It looks like some kind of code.
Maddie (coming out of closet): Yeah, it's probably just her lame attempt to try and be funny; Some people are just so immature. *shrieks* Somebody find me an outfit! *goes back into closet*
Sophie (exclaiming): I know what this is! Jibberish.
Daniel: Great, so it means nothing.
Sophie (deciphering): M,now that's short for Emma, N, that's in, and ruble, that means trouble. Oh, sorry guys, doesn't mean anything. Oh well. *gives back the phone*
Emma: What are you doing here?
E: Um, trying to get my powers back.
Emma: I don't have them anymore; Liana does.
E: That woman! When I get my hands on her, I'm gonna ring the powers out of her!
Emma: So, you wanna stop Liana too?
E: Of course! Did you not just hear me? She has my powers.
Emma: Mine too.
E: I'm listening.
Andi (excited): Is it weird I'm kind of enjoying this?
Francisco (to Katie and Sophie entering his office): Girls, what is going on out there in the hall?
Katie: Nothing, just school related activities.
Francisco: I hear a ruckus.
Sophie: Could you describe the ruckus?
Ursula (to Francisco about him and Miss Torres): So, how long have you two been dating?
Francisco: Ursula-
Ursula: I just can't believe you never mentioned her.
Francisco: There is nothing-
Ursula: Do you still like, like me?
Francisco: Of course.
Principal Torres: Are we about done?
Ursula: Hey! I am the one asking the questions around here!
Principal Torres: That's it, I can't take any more of this. *tries to cast spell, but remembers she has no powers* I'm leaving.
Francisco: Uh, I think we all need to leave.
Ursula: No Francisco don't you follow her. If you do, I will know you, *whispers* you like her better. *his eyes widen*
Emma: Jax! I knew you wouldn't desert me!
Jax: I'd never desert you, hold on! (to Jessie) Jessie, you're gonna have to take control of the orb.
Jessie: Sure, but, any hints on what rhymes with orb? Absorb, distorb-
Jax: You're gonna have to do this one with just mind power, pure focus. You can do it, I know you can.
Andi: While we're still young!
Jessie: Not helping Cruz!
Daniel: I hope to see you guys again; I'm Daniel by the way.
Emma (looking at him): I know.
Daniel: You do?
Emma: Yeah; your mom said.
Daniel: How do you know she's my mom?
Andi: Are you kidding? You look just like her.
Daniel: Yeah, I guess people say that.
Emma: Bye Daniel.
Daniel: Bye Emily.
Emma: Emma.
Daniel: Oh, right, and uh, Caroline?
Andi: Close, Andi.


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